Women’s Apparel Advertising Landscape

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Women's Apparel (March 2015)

In our latest industry report we re-examine the women’s fashion e-commerce industry to give you an updated look at the display strategies behind four industry leaders: ModCloth, NastyGal, ASOS and Lulu’s.

In 2015 retail will be increasingly driven by the needs of Millennials. This means brands must stay aware of how this generation of consumers shop and engage with their brand.

The experience of online shopping needs to continue to be enriching and easily accessible to successfully connect with this user-base. With e-commerce sales worldwide expected to reach $1.7 trillion this year, you can bet that spending budgets in both online and offline marketing will rise.

For digital advertisers to stay ahead of the competition in this saturated market, staying informed. Read on to uncover the display advertising strategies behind the top e-commerce brands in women’s fashion.

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