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Movie Streaming Industry (April 2015)

In this month’s industry report we examine the movie streaming industry to give you an inside look at the display strategies behind two industry leaders: Netflix and Hulu.

In 2015, movie streaming will continue to grow in popularity, driven by the flexibility it affords to audiences when consuming content. This means that brands must stay aware of the devices audiences are using to stream content and leverage this knowledge to be able to reach and engage with their target market.

The ‘anywhere, anytime’ availability of content has resulted in major changes in the ways people consume TV shows and movies. This includes everything from watching on-the-go to binge watching to viewing parties. With these changes in viewing habits, it’s no surprise that advertisers can’t solely rely on TV ad placements to successfully reach their consumers. As a result, more and more brands are increasing ad spend in the digital space; with display and mobile advertising being top contenders of choice.

For digital advertisers to stay ahead of the competition in this growing industry it is essential to stay informed. Read on to uncover the display advertising strategies behind the top video-on-demand streaming services.

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