Launching Campaigns that Convert

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The affiliate marketing industry is booming with opportunities to generate income in the digital advertising space. In order to maximize the return on your CPA campaigns you need to leverage tools like Offervault and WhatRunsWhere, which make finding top paying offers and creating converting campaigns a breeze. We’ve created a guide to help you:

  1. Understand how to efficiently source offers and stay on top of affiliate trends using Offervault
  2. Leverage competitive intelligence data to make smarter media buying decisions, and design better performing ads with WhatRunsWhere

If you want to learn how to launch CPA campaigns that really converts with the help of competitive intelligence, than this guide is for you.

What you'll learn in this guide:
  • Understand the current affiliate marketing landscape
  • Learn how to use Offervault to access top offers in the affiliate industry
  • Understand the importance of competitive intelligence data
  • How to use WhatRunsWhere to spy on your competitors’ strategies
  • Case Studies: How to leverage Offervault and WhatRunsWhere to launch successful campaigns
  1. I want to launch a campaign but where do I begin?
  2. I know my niche, but I’m not sure which publisher I should work with
  3. I know my niche. I even know the diet offer I’m going to run. What else can I learn about this offer to help me succeed?

With this Quick Guide to Launching Campaigns that Convert you’ll have a full understanding of how to leverage Offervault and WhatRunsWhere so you can increase your ROI immediately. Download this guide now!

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