Comprehensive Ad Intel

Competitive Intelligence for Display Advertising in the Digital World.

Desktop Ad Intelligence
Mobile Ad Intelligence
Native Ad Intelligence

Intelligent Technology

WhatRunsWhere tracks over 120 thousand unique sites and identifies the various advertisers occupying their ad space.

Look in-depth into company and brand level advertisements, extracting details on creative messages used in winning campaigns.

Actionable Insights

Learn where your competitors are advertising, what ads they’re using, who they’re buying through and what is doing best. Leverage this information to make better marketing decisions for yourself or clients.

Even discover what calls to action is working for your competition to vastly improve CTR.

Global Coverage

Access Data from 120,000 sites, from 500+ classified ad networks, from 7 different countries:

  • USA
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • United Kingdom
  • Brazil
  • Germany
  • France

Fresh Data (Updated Daily)

Our data is updated daily. This means that as a user you get the freshest data possible to monitor campaigns as they evolve.

Our data allows you to be proactive with your digital strategy, not reactive.

Historical Data

With data spanning back over 5 years you can monitor what anyone is doing in real time, but you can also look back for a historical campaign overview.

Watch how digital strategies evolved, what was tested and what ended up working.

New Opportunities

Find new traffic sources, generate new creative ideas and improve your campaigns.

With unrivaled insight into the digital buying landscape, WhatRunsWhere will open the door for you to discover ways to start and scale new campaigns today.