NEW PARTNERSHIP: WhatRunsWhere & OfferVault

Posted by WhatRunsWhere on December 9, 2014
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WhatRunsWhere is excited to announce a new partnership with leading Affiliate Marketing aggregator, OfferVault

Does your ad strategy thrive off the data you access from WhatRunsWhere? Do you wish you could take this data with you when searching for new offers?

You’re in luck! Thanks to our new partnership, you can now find the hottest affiliate offers and gain insights into how other advertisers are promoting them. Head to OfferVault to determine which offer is best for you, and access a sample of valuable data from WhatRunsWhere for each offer listed.

This data sample includes vital information for planning a top-performing affiliate campaign. First, find key information such as: where the promotion has been seen globally, how long it’s been seen for, and the top ad creatives already used to promote it.

Next, use this information to answer questions like where to focus your own promotions, the strength of the offer, and how to catch a potential viewers’ attention in order to get the conversion.

This new and exciting partnership will help affiliates cut down on all of their pre-promotion work. Gain the ability to research an offer, and understand how it has already been promoted, all in one place.

With the help of this new partnership, WhatRunsWhere is looking forward to helping you in all stages of your affiliate promotions.


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