Who Placed It Best: American Express vs. Visa

Posted by WhatRunsWhere on December 18, 2014
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From online shopping, to credit tracking, to point collection – credit cards are revolutionizing the experience of shopping.

With the benefits of credit cards becoming all the more apparent, the amount of consumers applying for them is consistently on the upswing. In 2013 alone, the total number of credit card accounts in the U.S. added up to 391.24 million.

With such high numbers, many credit companies are fighting it out to catch the attention of these would-be shoppers. Two of these credit titans are American Express and Visa.

Let’s dive in to their advertising strategies to determine who placed it best…

American Express

Prevalence Score: 18,984

Top Ad:


Adstrength Score: 613,607

Top Traffic Source for this ad: boardingarea.com

Landing Page for this ad:


Top Mobile Ad:


Adstrength Score:  850

Top Traffic Source for this ad: m.jagran.com


Prevalence Score: 14,796

Top Ad:


Adstrength Score: 71,102

Top traffic Source for this ad: beyond.com

Landing Page for this ad:


Top Mobile Ad:


Adstrength Score: 96

Top Traffic Source for this ad: housetohome.co.uk

The winner of this round: American Express


This was a close round! With a consistent campaign across desktop and mobile, plus the same message spanning across their landing page, Visa almost had this one.

However, with better prevalence scores, consistent messaging, and an ad properly optimized for mobile – American Express came out on top.

Points were docked for both advertisers though, as both landing pages were simply their homepages. Remember to coordinate your campaign by having a the ads click through to a specific landing page, this way your messaging will always be consistent.

That’s it for this month’s edition of ‘Who Placed It Best’. Do you have two advertisers you’d like to see go head to head? Send us a request in the comments or Tweet @WhatRunsWhere.


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