Who Placed It Best? Booking.com vs. Tripadvisor

Posted by WhatRunsWhere on June 30, 2014
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The two most popular travel websites are Booking.com which is #116 based on Alexa’s global site rankings and TripAdvisor.com which falls at #207.

Wherever there’s a successful website, there’s always a successful online marketing strategy. 

Let’s put these two travel-booking rivals up against each other and see who placed it best…


Prevalence Score: 10,945

Top Ad:

booking top ad

Adstrength Score: 12,807 points

Top Traffic Source for this Ad: thetravelmavens.com

Landing Page for this Ad:

booking lp

Booking.com Mobile App Prevalence: 18,888

Top Mobile Ad:

booking mobile

Adstrength Score: 1,625 points

Top Mobile Traffic Source for this Ad:  m.buffalobills.com


Prevalence Score: 2,482

Top Ad: 

tripadvisor top ad

Adstrength Score: 7,937 points

Top Traffic Source for this Ad: travelnotes.org (almost 450 days!)

Landing Page for this Ad: 

travelocity lp

(Note: Landing page is their homepage)

Tripadvisor.com Mobile Website Prevalence: 497

Top Mobile Ad:

trip advisor

Adstrength Score: 199 points

Top Mobile Traffic Source for this Ad:  virtualtourist.com

The winner of this round: Booking.com


With such a widespread ad presence, it’s no surprise that Booking.com is the most popular travel booking website.

Placing their ads on thousands of travel information sites and travel blogs helps to ensure they are catching travelers at the top of the funnel.  Booking.com also uses dedicated landing pages and a wide variety of banner ad creatives to further target different segments of their audience and destinations.

Their mobile presence is strong using both a mobile website and an app to draw in plenty of mobile taps. With more and more people booking their vacations from tablets and smartphones, having a powerful mobile strategy is vital for all travel booking sites.

That’s it for this edition of ‘Who Placed It Best’. Have two contenders you’d like to see go head to head? Be sure to mention in the comments or Tweet at @WhatRunsWhere.


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