Introducing WhatRunsWhere 2.0

Posted by Jordan Matheson on January 19, 2017
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We have some really exciting news… We’re thrilled to announce the launch of WhatRunsWhere 2.0!

As we designed and built the next version of WhatRunsWhere, we tried to focus on gathering better data and making it more accessible within a completely redesigned UI. We’re happy to announce we have done just that!

WhatRunsWhere 2.0 is jam packed full of new features. Here are some that we would like to highlight (*cough* brag about *cough*):


New User Interface – WhatRunsWhere 2.0 features a completely redesigned user interface. We rebuilt everything from the ground up. From new ways to access data such as our redesigned creative views to our brand new omnibar, we made finding the data you want easy and fast.

WRW Omnibar

Network and Category Search for Everyone – Two of our most asked after profiles, the network and category profiles are no longer an enterprise only feature. They will be made available to every WhatRunsWhere user. The ability to search within ad networks and categories is now at your fingertips. 

WRW Taboola Profile

Richer Data – We focused on our collection and have implemented a new improved dataset. We now support more ad sizes, more ad networks and more affiliate data than ever.

Improved Native Ad Coverage – With a focus on Native Ads, we’ve beefed up our coverage and split out our native module into a separate device type. This enables you to find the native data you want, when you want it.


WRW Native Ad Type

Custom date ranges – One of our most requested features, we’re thrilled to announce the ability to filter by custom date ranges. You can still use our common buckets (for example last 30 days), but also filter any date range you can come up with.

WRW Custom Date Ranges

Redone scoring  – We have redone our scoring across the entire product. The new scoring uses a plethora of new data sources allowing superior accuracy and a truer reflection of what is performing best across the web.

Redesigned Entity tracking – You can now track advertisers, sites and networks for updates on your dashboard. Quickly view what’s new with entities you want to follow every time you log in.

WRW Tracker

There are a lot of big things ahead…. Launching 2.0 is just the beginning. Keep your eyes peeled for even more features over the next few weeks as they start to roll into the new WhatRunsWhere.


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