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Posted by Jordan Matheson on November 23, 2015
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After recently announcing an expansion in our Native networks coverage, we are excited to share with you that we have increased our coverage once again! We now cover data from TripleLift, AdsNative, Sharethrough and Hexagram.

This brings our total Native ad network coverage to 17. What does this mean for you? More data from top Native networks, and more opportunities to uncover insights on your competitor’s Native advertising strategies.

Get introduced to the new networks below!


This expansion of Native advertising networks brings you competitive intelligence data from TripleLift, AdsNative, Hexagram and Sharethrough. You can easily access and identify top strategies in the Native advertising landscape so that you can invest in profitable campaigns. Not a current WhatRunsWhere user? Click below and start boosting ROI on your Native ad strategy now.


Introducing our new networks:


TripleLift makes native programmatic simple, scalable and effective. Leveraging pioneering computer vision technology, TripleLift seamlessly transforms content, including images and video, into engaging in-feed native ads that match the unique look and feel of a publisher’s website. Accessible via the industry’s first and largest real-time, native programmatic exchange, TripleLift helps marketers reach millions of consumers across any device. With WhatRunsWhere, you’ll have access to both display and mobile Native advertising data from TripleLift.


The AdsNative end to end monetization software allows publishers and developers to sell unique ad formats that flow seamlessly into content. This technology provides open and flexible API’s such as “server-side stitching” which integrates ad-serving directly into a publisher’s CMS, streamlines tag/SDK ad networks integration and optimizes revenue from direct and indirect streams. Marketers can also traffic content driven advertising across 1,000+ publishers through programmatic exchange platform. Access both display and mobile Native ad data from AdsNative on our platform.


Hexagram is a stealth native advertising platform for content distribution and monetization. It has an extensible and distributed technology platform that empowers publishers, brands and agencies to build, manage and optimize their campaigns around native advertising. Their in-house native ad exchange matches over one thousand buyers and sellers of native advertising. We’re excited to give you access to display native advertising data from Hexagram.



Sharethrough is one of the largest platforms for in-feed, native monetization. Built for the new paradigm of modern content marketing, Sharethrough is a mobile-first, content driven platform for advertisers to engage users with quality content, integrated natively to each site it lives on and for publishers to monetize with premium ads while maintaining a high quality of user experience. Using WhatRunsWhere you can easily access both display and mobile Native advertising data from Sharethrough.

How can you leverage the data from these networks to win in Native advertising?

Identify top advertisers distributing ads through these Native ad networks and assess their strategies to determine what elements can help make your campaigns more successful. For example, Youtube and Gillette are major brands that are placing ads via Sharethrough. By looking at their profiles, you can understand what is making their campaigns profitable and build a data-informed strategy to serve your campaigns via Sharethrough.

native ad networks

The competitive intelligence data from these networks can also be used to discover top creatives and inspire ad designs for your campaigns. For example, below are top Native ads found on TripleLift from a variety of advertisers including Schweppes, Liberty Mutual Insurance and Toyota.

native ad networks

These are just some of the ways the data from these Native ad networks can be used to fuel your campaigns in this channel. To start leveraging top strategies for your campaigns click here!

What other Native ad networks do we cover?

native ad networksnew-networknative ad networks

Get a full understanding of our Native ad network coverage by clicking here.






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