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Posted by WhatRunsWhere on September 15, 2015
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There is no doubt that Native Advertising has been dominating the digital advertising landscape in 2015. When it comes to Native growth, buzz, and ad spend, revenue is expected to surpass $7 billion this year. As an advertiser, this is a rising form of advertising you need to understand in order to capitalize on. Better yet, understand what your competitors are doing and leverage their successes and failures. That’s why we’re excited to announce the launch of the new Native Advertising module in our search results which will allow you to access and understand the full strategy behind native ad placements with ease.

What data can I discover with this new module?

Just as our ‘Banner Ads’ search result shows users the display ads we discovered from their search, the Native Advertising results will specifically show native ads. This update gives all users the ability to easily discover which publishers native ads are being served on, which advertisers are running these campaigns, and exactly which networks are delivering these ads.   Prior to this update, native advertising data was displayed as ‘Hybrid Ads’ and would appear under ‘Text/Hybrid Ads’. Now we’re making your native ad discovery process as seamless as possible and saving you time by delivering the ads you want access to with ease.


Learn what a successful native ad campaign looks like and start capitalizing on this rapidly growing channel of online advertising. This new feature is now available to all current WhatRunsWhere users. If you’re not a user click below to get started and access our Native Advertising module now!


Why is this data important to me?

The Native Advertising landscape is the place to be for advertisers in our expanding digital world, just look at the stats:

  • 75% of publishers currently offer some type of native advertising on their sites (eMarketer)
  • 67% of brands use native advertising in efforts to provide more relevant messaging (MDG)
  • 63% of brands use native ads to increase consumer engagement (MDG)
  • 70% of consumers want to learn about products through content as opposed to traditional ad methods (The Kapost Blog)

It’s a winning ad format that benefits all parties involved; consumers can discover new brands, companies can effectively target audiences and publishers can monetize content. So the big question is…

How can I leverage the data I discover in this tab?

There are several ways you can capitalize on opportunities in the native advertising landscape using competitive intelligence data. Here are just a few:

1. Uncover and build upon the strategies & ad spend of successful brands: Learn from the success of top brands and advertisers in the native ad space such as fool.com, or ancestry.com. Understand the elements of their winning native ad campaigns including the creatives that go viral, attention-grabbing taglines, top traffic sources and preferred networks.

huff2  huff3212
(Native Ads by top brands: ancestry.com, laurenconrad.com, and fool.com)

2. Analyze landing page copy and design strategy: Landing pages are the key to successful direct response native campaigns. It’s where viewers land after clicking an ad, so the design is critical to getting the user to respond to the desired call to action.

For example, Plated served the native ad seen below on the left through the publisher, The Atlantic, which leads to the landing page on the right.

            atlanic      atlanticlp

By further investigating this native ad, WhatRunsWhere found this ad running through Taboola and served on numerous publishers including the fashionisto.com.


We then examined the traffic sources and were able to uncover other valuable insights on this campaign including various categories of publishers used and the geographic market this advertiser focused on.


Below is an example of a direct response native ad campaign by fool.com. The ad on the left, advertising the iPhone7, leads to the landing page on the right. This ad was also run through Taboola and was found on publishers including americanthinker.com and nbcnews.com. You can learn more about successful direct response native ad campaigns here.

1         12

3. Understand the complete Native Advertising landscape across any niche: With the Native Advertising Search tab you can easily discover native ads of direct and indirect competitors. Find out what works in your niche, but also discover what successful native ads look like across other niches and determine if elements can be incorporated into your strategy.

For example, if you are in the Dating niche, you may find the following native ads:


4. Discover ads being served on top publishers: WhatRunsWhere enables users to analyze top native ad campaigns from various perspectives. In addition to looking at specific brands and advertisers, you can also learn how to optimize native ad campaigns by analyzing native ads found on top publishers like BBC, Mashable, and The Atlantic. For example, you can determine which publisher will be best for the niche you are working in.

Here you can see native ads served on publisher BBC:

bbc      bbc2

Some of Mashable’s top native ads include:

mash  mash2

Finally, you can see top native ads being served on The Atlantic: 

theatlantic2      theatlantic

5. Redefine your own strategy using this current data: In the digital world, strategies and campaigns are constantly changing and native advertising is no exception. With fresh data at your fingertips, you can make relevant, data-informed decisions for your native ad campaigns and strategies.

As you can see competitive intelligence data provides the fuel to your successful native ad campaigns. By  combining these 5 tips with our new Native Ad search result feature, you’ll have a better understanding of this type of advertising and be on your way to profitable campaigns in no time. But what networks are we covering to provide you with this valuable data? Let’s discuss.

What native ad networks does WhatRunsWhere cover?

WhatRunsWhere currently covers 9 networks (shown below) that predominantly feature native ads. This includes two of the largest networks in the native space, Taboola and Outbrain. Some of their clients include Huffintonpost.com, The Weather Channel, BBC, Mashable and The Atlantic. With access to data from these networks, you’ll be able to understand and learn from top advertisers using these networks, adapt elements to your campaigns and build a winning strategy.

    taboola     outbrain adblade



disqus     gravity

mgid_logo_512  CBadvertising.com-logo

The Native Advertising space is quickly becoming a key part of publishers’ revenue growth strategies and a major component of brands’ online advertising strategies. Get ahead of your competitors with our new Native Advertising module and start capitalizing on native ad opportunities today.

I want access to native ads but I’m not a WhatRunsWhere customer?

No problem! We’re eager to get you access to competitive intelligence data from hundreds of thousands of unique publishers.


I’m new to Native Advertising and not sure where to start?

We’ve got you covered! Everything you need to know can be found in our free eBook, A Digital Marketer’s Guide to Native Advertising. Click below to download the guide and start optimizing your native ad strategy.




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