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Posted by WhatRunsWhere on November 2, 2015
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Recently, we announced our new Native advertising module that puts your competitor’s Native ad strategies at your fingertips. Now, we have even more great news! WhatRunsWhere is thrilled to announce we are adding five more native ad networks and have expanded our coverage to include Yahoo! Gemini, Bidtellect, Distroscale, GumGum and Nativo! 

Why are we so excited?


WhatRunsWhere is dedicated to providing fresh, relevant data that allows our users to capitalize on profitable opportunities in the display advertising landscape. Today, this means expanding our coverage of Native ad networks to a total of 13 giving you even more opportunities to tap into this rapidly growing advertising channel.


Which NEW Native ad networks are we adding to our coverage?


With the addition of Yahoo! Gemini to our platform, you’ll have access to Native ad data from a rapidly growing network that continues to place great emphasis on the mobile space (WSJ).


The Bidtellect platform has an end-to-end approach for both advertisers and publishers to access and purchase Native ad space. Major publishers including Forbes, Reuters and CNN work with Bidtellect.


Having access to native ads being served on DistroScale gives our users exposure to sponsored content data from large advertisers including Mcdonald’s, National Geographic and Elio Motors. Their focus on sponsored content will allow you to hone in on building a strong strategy for this type of Native advertising.

gumgum (1)

With competitive intelligence data from GumGum, you’ll have access to brands that are leveraging this network for their innovative in-image ad units. Learn from major brands including Dove, Coca-Cola and Gillette who have all served ads through GumGum.


Nativo’s platform gives users the ability to create Native ad content within the tool to streamline the process. By facilitating content creation, brands with various levels of experience in Native advertising are able to use the platform and employ ads in this channel. Nativo works with over 350 web publishers including WebMD, The Enthusiast Network, Time Inc and more.

What can you expect to accomplish with this update?

Discover the Native ad strategy of successful advertisers to benchmark your campaigns: Find out which publishers top advertisers are running their Native ads on and identify the network they use. Verizonwireless.com and Sprint.com are two prominent advertisers in the Web Hosting, ISP & Telecom niche that run Native ads through Yahoo Gemini. They run Native ads on major publishers including mlbdailydish.com, thinkprogress.org, cbsnews.com and more!


View and cross-compare your competitors’ Native ads. Analyze their copy and images to get a better idea of how their best performing creatives are designed so you can optimize your own. For example, for ads that run through Yahoo Gemini, we found that Sprint has a tendency of using people in its creatives while Verizon showcases its products – this is a major difference in their Native ad campaign tactics. Deeper analysis, down at the individual creative level, can reveal actionable  insights for your creative designs.


Uncover and identify the major advertisers working with high profile, high traffic publishers to assess and strategize how and if you should be cutting into their ad inventory. CNET.com, for example, is a popular publisher and world leader in tech product reviews. The majority of ads on this publisher are Native ads run by advertisers such as plarium.com, bbc.com, Mazda and more. Bidtellect is a major ad network that these advertisers and CNET work with.


gameing mazda









Above: Native ads seen on CNET.com served through Bidtellect

With more data than ever at your fingertips, understanding the complete Native advertising landscape across any niche is made easy with WhatRunsWhere. Click to get started now!


What other Native ad networks do we cover?

CB    contentad   disqus

mgid_logo_512     adblade   gravity

taboola        outbrain


You can read more about all of our networks here.


Want access to this data but not a WhatRunsWhere user?

We have you covered, get access to the competitive intelligence data that will optimize not only your native ad campaigns but your entire display advertising strategy.



New to Native advertising?

Still don’t have a full understanding of how the Native advertising channel can diversify your strategy and generate revenue? Check out our eBook for everything you need to know on this rapidly growing channel.





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