Top-Performing Campaign Secrets from Weight Watchers

Posted by WhatRunsWhere on March 31, 2014
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campaign secrets weight watchersThe weight-loss industry is certainly well fed with dollars. It is a $55 billion a year business riddled with competition. Although many weight-loss brands have failed to survive, Weight Watchers has continued to flourish as one of the best names in the industry for over fifty years.

Weight Watchers is hardly new to the ad game. Since opening their doors back in 1963, they have launched several successful and memorable advertising campaigns. From their well-known celebrity endorsements, to their clever ‘Now Available Online’ programs, Weight Watchers has always been ahead of the game with their promotional strategies.

But their ad success doesn’t end there. Using our Top Ads feature several of their banner ads were found ranking high, and as an advertiser overall they scored a prevalence score of 7,672 (Compared to Jenny Craig’s measly 2097).

We took a deeper look into this top-ranking advertiser’s profile to see what was driving success to their campaigns.

1.    Dedicated Landing Pages

By now we all know the power of having a properly optimized landing pages. Even the best-placed banner ads will fail if they aren’t linked to a strong landing page.

After looking at the landing page strategies of many reputable advertisers, it seems many look to have only 2 or 3 highly optimized landing pages connected to all their ads.

This isn’t the case with Weight Watchers. Rather, they have several landing pages that are each fully optimized to the ad and traffic source they are connected with. Here are a few examples… 

Simple Start Campaign:

weight watchers top ad

Weight Watchers Landing Page

Jessica Simpson Campaign:

weight watchers jessica simpson

weight watchers jessica simpson landing page

 2.    Clever Copy

It seems like such a no-brainer to use clever ad copy to highlight your key benefits, but far too many ads miss the target.

Weight Watchers takes all of the common excuses people have for not wanting to start a new diet and crushes them.  Take a look…

weight watchers copy

3.    Boarders on Images & Bright Colors

Each and every ad that we tracked from this top-ranking advertiser displays a boarder and bright colors. Adding a boarder helps to make your banner ads pop off the page. Especially with so many sites displaying white backgrounds, it helps to give your ad clear and visible boundaries.

Weight Watchers

Here are 2 of Weight Watchers’ Display Ads on

4.    Different Ads for Different Audiences

Different people have different views—a single ad simply cannot work on everyone.

Weight Watchers understands that how a man looks at dieting is very different from how a woman looks at dieting. Like wise, how they reach their younger audiences will differ from how they reach their mature audiences.

Check out this ad targeted to men…

weight watchers male banner

And here is the landing page this ad clicks-through to…

weight watchers male landing page

5.    Lead Generating App

In recent years, Weight Watchers has made a major push on their ‘Online Only’ product…

“Whether you’re busy with your family or your job, at home or on the go, Weight Watchers Online is with you. Access our powerful tools anywhere with your computer or mobile device.”

While their app is primarily aimed to suit the needs of clients with a paid membership, there are free tools that clients with a free membership can use as well. They also have a free calorie counting app that anyone counting calories can use.

As we all know, when an app is free there are usually going to be ads. And can you guess whose ads are popping up? Weight Watchers.  While using their free apps users will often see ads highlighting Weight Watchers promotions.

They also place in-app ads on a number of other free weight-loss themed apps.

weight watchers in app text ad

In-app ad placed in WW Calorie Counting App

Weight Watchers has been around for quite some time and their skillful marketing likely played a big factor in their success. 

Try boosting your own campaigns with these tips and be sure to share anything that works out well for you in the comments!


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