Top Campaigns of Summer 2014

Posted by WhatRunsWhere on September 9, 2014
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People get nostalgic for summer quickly. Reminiscing about trips to the beach, or their favorite cottage drink, everybody does it. We’re no different. It’s only a week back into busy season and we’re already thinking about campaigns-gone-by from the summer.

While many advertisers were away on vacation, others took advantage of off-season to ramp up their strategies and forged ahead of their competition.

Let’s take a look at the 5 Top Campaigns of Summer 2014…

First, let’s start with some common patterns we see across these campaigns:

Simple messaging. Don’t make consumers think too much, their brains are on vacation!
• Advertisers encouraged consumers to experiment, embrace change and be adventurous.
• Lots of banners with bright colors and fun outdoor images.

Starbucks – Say Yes To What’s Next
May to August, 2014

Who can say no to Starbucks’ Frappucino – the perfect summer drink!  Their ads definitely makes us want to get one! The messaging in this campaign is two-fold – advertising the drink and the convenience of finding a location near you. Since people spend more time outdoors, “Find A Starbucks” is a very relevant call-to-action.

Desktop Ad

Starbuckssumer1mobileMobile Ad

L’Oreal Paris USA – How Will You Ombre?
June to July, 2014

This campaign is all about personalization and experimenting in style. Women love to take advantage of new looks during this season – like daring hair styles – and L’Oreal capitalizes on it in their campaign for Ombre hair dye.

Both Desktop Ads

Toyota – Let’s Make Tonight Fun
May to August, 2014

Summer is about road trips and enjoying the great outdoors. Toyota does an excellent job of showing consumers how by promoting fun activities you can do with a RAV4 SUV – like watching fireworks from the spacious open trunk, or going on a family camping trip in a Highlander.

Desktop Ad

Mobile Ad

Frank & Oak – 50% Off Summer Sale
Mid to Late August, 2014

This top-performing e-tailer jumped onto the tail-end of the summer advertising season, with their Summer Sale Campaign. It’s simplistic, to the point, and a refreshing break from typical summer fashion campaigns. There are no stereotypical bathing suits or flip flops, just the class and style that consumers can expect from Frank & Oak.

Frank & Oak
Both Desktop Ads

Nike – Summer Of NikeFuel
Mid to August, 2014

Nike is known for their interactive and engaging advertising approach – and their Summer 2014 campaign is no exception. People want to look their best in the summer so they encouraged consumers to join a fitness-based competition and get excited about being outside. This strategy is completely in line with the active lifestyle that is seen across all of Nike’s advertising.

Both Desktop Ads

Taking Advantage of Summer

Sure, vacations are important, and it’s always tempting to take them during the hot and hazy days of summer. However, knowing that your competition is thinking the same, it is also a valuable time to rethink your strategy and capitalize on seasonal gains. With the right campaign, you can show consumers how to properly take advantage of the warm weather, and easily become their summer necessity.


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