Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Blogs

Posted by WhatRunsWhere on August 14, 2014
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Affiliate Marketing can be a pretty daunting pool to jump into. With so many programs to choose from, and so much competition, beginners sure have a lot of information to sort through. Once they’ve caught on though, they can get right into the fun (and profit!).

Affiliate blogs are valuable resources for learning tips, tricks and getting the inside scope.  We put together a list of the top ones that you should read and bookmark.  They are written for affiliates by affiliates who have been around for a number of years and continue to make a huge impact in the industry

To save you some guesswork, we’ve made a list of the Top 10 Affiliate Blogs that you should be reading…

Charles Ngo | Facebook | Twitter

In the industry since 2007, Charles has made a huge dent in the market. Through his experience, he gives readers of his blog everything from affiliate and marketing tips, to lifestyle and career advice. Charles has been able to gain extreme wealth from affiliate marketing, and through this experience provides advice that works.


Finch Sells | Facebook | Twitter

Finch Sells is a premium resource for beginners – from his Survival Kit, to his Affiliate Toolbox – Finch provides the perfect starting point. In fact, our team uses one of his guides for helping team members learn more about affiliate marketing. It’s the perfect mix of easy to understand information… and off-key humour.

Luke Peerfly | FacebookTwitter

Luke provides readers with information on everything, including social media, affiliate marketing, product reviews, etc. The guy covers all bases, and does so in an easily relatable way. He also provides an affiliate marketing guide jam-packed with resources that are all conveniently organized into categories. | Facebook | Twitter

Run by Shawn Collins, who is also the head of multiple other huge affiliate-based endeavours. This includes co-founding Affiliate Summit, co-editing FeedFront Magazine, founding, etc. Chances are you’ll come across Shawn’s resources naturally in your affiliate journey.  On Affiliate Tip, he provides both news and opinions on affiliate marketing.


Missy Ward | Facebook | Twitter

Long-time industry player (affiliate marketing since 1999!), Missy Ward knows her way around internet marketing. A co-founder of Affiliate Summit with Shawn Collins, co-publisher of, and founder of, Missy has a lot of experience behind her back. On her blog, she covers affiliate marketing in full detail – from making the small decisions to the industry at large.

Sugarrae | Facebook | Twitter

Rae Hoffman, known industry-wide as Sugarrae, is involved in all components of internet marketing – such as SEO, viral marketing, affiliate marketing, site auditing, link building, etc. As well as having a strong social media presence, Sugarrae provides thoughtful blog posts on various internet marketing topics. Some of these include industry interviews, product reviews, and affiliate strategy.

Hasoffers | Facebook | Twitter

Okay, so, maybe Hasoffers (recently rebranded as Tune) isn’t a person. But, they are a valuable tracking platform service with a great company blog. Their blog features a lot about industry events and reports of international marketing updates.

ShoeMoney | Facebook | Twitter

Jeremy Schoemaker (aka ShoeMoney) is a successful affiliate marketer with a huge and loyal fan-base. On his blog he provides readers with stories from his life as an affiliate marketer, tips for starting out in the industry, and tons of deals for his fans.

Zac Johnson | Facebook | Twitter

Being an affiliate marketer for over 18 years now, Zac has built a huge network of both knowledge and connections. This is evident on his blog, as he posts a huge amount of podcasts – each with a different person in affiliate marketing or online advertising – on top of plenty of articles with industry advice. Through these podcasts, readers (or listeners) are able to learn many different industry tips and perspectives.

Adam Riemer | Facebook | Twitter

As an affiliate, Adam Riemer prides himself on running his business different than the competition – ie. Not working with cart poachers, no adware, etc. If this is the type of affiliate you strive to be, his blog is a great resource to learn some tricks! Adam is great at covering the basics as well as showing how to apply them in the best way.




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