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Posted by WhatRunsWhere on November 24, 2014
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Spending endless hours at the mall, drifting through racks, and trying on clothes, is quickly becoming just a piece of nostalgia. Fewer people are walking into the mall while more people are clicking through on retail banner ads.

Not surprisingly, the internet has quickly taken over as most consumers’ preferred method of shopping. It is predicted that online shopping retail sales will grow up to $370 billion in 2017.  

The dramatic up rise of mobile devices has certainly helped add fuel to this fire. Research further predicts that 131.4 million users will have made at least one purchase from their mobile device in 2016. Beyond purchasing from their mobile devices, customers are also more commonly doing their ‘pre-purchase research’ on multiple screens before entering their credit card digits, making it vital for brands to stay relevant across channels. 

Let’s dive into Reebok’s top display ads – both on desktop and mobile – to see how they have utilized each channel to ultimately maximize their brand reach….

For their desktop ads, Reebok combines both general, informative, product-based ads and ads that are more segmented for a specific audience. The first couple of ads focus on their line of running shoes, and what they are capable of. The visuals show the shoes in hard use, which is effective as the viewer will then see them as durable.

Reebok Shoes

Reebok starts to segment their audience with their ad for leggings – this ad clearly focuses more towards the fashion-conscious consumer than the athletic one. The message of the ad details the style of the product, and its versatility in your outfit, rather than it enduring heavy use (like the shoes).

Reebok Leggings

Reebok continues to further segment their audience with ads that delve into the workout community of CrossFit. Consumers involved in CrossFit are generally highly engaged with that community, and Reebok capitalizes on this through powering a CrossFit retail line. Their CrossFit ads include both a discount (which encourages both CrossFit engagement and Reebok sales), as well as a hashtag, which brings members of the community together through social media, and through Reebok as an advertiser.

reebok-desktop4 reebok-desktop5

How do Reebok’s mobile ads differ from their desktop ads?

As a general rule, an advertiser shouldn’t simply take their desktop ads and place them on mobile. There are, however, some exceptions. Reebok is one exception with their CrossFit campaign. You will find very similar ads via mobile as you will via desktop.

Reebok pulls this off successfully due to two main points. First, the ads don’t contain huge amounts of information; they’re just a graphic, some text, and a CTA – all very easy to digest on-the-go. As well, features like deals and social media work cross-channel. People regularly interact on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook through their phone, and a quick deal (like 15% off) will be remembered when they’re shopping later.

They do make one notable change though which helps mobile users digest the ad more quickly and easily – they change the graphic from a person to just the product.

Reebok Mobile Shoes

Aside from just CrossFit, Reebok uses mobile for advertising deals as well. They keep these ads very text-based, and heavily branded. The brand is well-known enough that if they see Reebok they know what type of products are in-store, making the sale itself the hero of the ad.


Making the Shift…

Figuring out who you’re selling to is crucial for retailers. Each campaign should have a specific target, no matter which channel you’re placing it on. With Reebok it’s a division between Athletics, Fashion, and CrossFit. Each segment should then be further divided to its channel – what do athletic people on their mobile devices look for vs. athletic people on their desktop? In some instances (ex. Reebok’s CrossFit) the ads can remain very similar, but always keep in mind the different needs of users on various devices.

If you’re shifting screens as an online retailer, learn from Reebok and grab your target’s attention through ads that are focused just for them and their favorite device.

That’s it for this edition of ‘Shifting Screens’. Which company do you think has successfully made the shift? Let us know in the comments or tweet us @WhatRunsWhere.


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