Shifting Screens: Nutrisystem

Posted by WhatRunsWhere on July 15, 2014
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SS_nutrisystemAny digital marketer knows that you always have to be ready for a change. A small one, a big one – any industry change must be efficiently adapted to for marketing success. However, sometimes it takes more than adaptation, sometimes an entire shift in practice is needed. And recently that shift has been for mobile marketing.

In 2013, mobile marketing ad spend grew more than 100% (Mobile Marketing Watch), and now a year later, it’s increased another 85% (BDLive).

It seems like it’s about time for us all to come to terms with the new mobile phenomenon. Yet despite the prevalence of handheld devices, it’s been reported that 97% of businesses have no idea how to take advantage of it (Mobile Commerce Press).

To help combat this confusion, lets see how top online performers are shifting their screens – from display to mobile…

This week, it’s for Diet & Weight Loss program – Nutrisystem!

Here we’ll compare Nutrisystem’s desktop ads with the ads they run for their Mobile Site to see how they maximize their ad potential on each specific medium…

In Nutrisystem’s display ads, offers are the main focus. They detail what you can expect in their program, and the savings you can get through their special discounts. They are striving for consumers to see the flexibility of their program, and how it suits people no matter their age, size, (or budget!). They are speaking to the wants of the commoner dieter – efficiency and flexibility.

displayad1   displayad2


How do Nutrisystem’s mobile ads differ from their desktop ads?

For mobile, Nutrisystem places more emphasis on their text ads. They are straight to the point and simply highlight how easy it is to join and engage in their program. If people are looking for weight loss programs via their mobile device, they likely aren’t going to take the time to read each detail of a program. They are looking for quick facts that they can do more in-deptch research on later (on a desktop, likely). This means it’s important to keep mobile ads very focused and concise.



Making the Shift…

Taking note from Nutrisystem, it’s important to adapt your messaging based on your medium.

Simple promotional messages can be adapted to either platform, but there are some specifics to keep in mind. For display, appealing to the consumer through lifestyle tips and benefits works great as they will resonate and you have the screen size to do so. Mobile, however, entails a smaller screen size and users that are more likely to be in a rush when using it. Because of this, messages that are highly focused on one specific message will do best on that platform – like how easy it is to join a program, or a specific promotion.

When you make the shift to mobile, consider what messages mobile viewers want vs. display viewers.

That’s it for this edition of ‘Shifting Screens’. Which company do you think has successfully made the shift? Let us know in the comments or tweet us @WhatRunsWhere.

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