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Posted by WhatRunsWhere on September 24, 2014
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Half Off! Save 75%! Buy One Get One Free! You can’t deny that these words get you excited! When shopping, most people are ecstatic to save a few dollars – this is why online Coupons are such a successful industry!

As you may have guessed, coupons have very quickly moved into the mobile realm.

Being able to collect coupons on your phone and have easy access to them while on the go dramatically simplifies the traditional coupon cutting process. That’s why Mobile coupons get 10 times the redemption rate of traditional coupons, and what lead to 10 billion mobile coupons being redeemed in 2013.

Here we’ll compare’s desktop ads with the ads they run for their Mobile Site to see how they maximize their ad potential on each specific medium…

Are you advertising the product or the deal? In the case of display, it appears that the product itself is more important than the actual deal.

These ads all make the product the hero by showing off bright, enticing images; whether it’s a birthday cupcake or hair supplies. They also both have a creative concept attached to the messaging – ex. make your hair as unique as you by purchasing Herbal Essence, having a happier birthday, or even just getting immediate tooth sensitivity relief.

These ads are polished and a far cry from the cut out you’d expect to find in a newspaper. They feature bright CTA buttons and are well branded.





How do’s mobile ads differ from their desktop ads?

The mobile coupons, in contrast, are more direct and to the point. The hero of the ads are the deals over the products. Given the limited screen space, these tiny ads need to ensure the first thing the consumer sees is how much they can save.

The product images are basic while the copy is in a large, powerful font, and sometimes uses borders to stand out. The results are ads looking more like typical coupons than, well, ads. Mobile consumer on-the-go need to know immediately what is a good deal or not.




Making The Shift… understands the value of being totally mobile accessible. People want deals, and they want deals quick! By keeping the emphasis of mobile coupons on discounts and savings, consumers will be more tempted to redeem them.

Keep the concepts and branded stories to display marketing (where they’ll see the ad and try to remember it for later). And with Mobile? Stick to the savings.

That’s it for this edition of ‘Shifting Screens’. Which company do you think has successfully made the shift? Let us know in the comments or tweet us @WhatRunsWhere.


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