Pre-Game Campaigns: Super Bowl XLVIII

Posted by WhatRunsWhere on January 31, 2014
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Much like for football fans, Super Bowl has become an incredibly competitive day for marketers in all industries. From food, to cars, to electronics, you name it. Super Bowl brings in a colossal audience each year. And it is not just football fans that are tuning in.

In 2013, over 108 million Americans watched Super Bowl XLVII. That’s more than a third of the population.

Super Bowl Sunday is a much-anticipated annual event. With so many people following game day traditions, it is only natural that marketers began to follow suit.

This year AdWeek has assigned a ‘Special Coverage’ section covering all the news on ‘The Big Game 2014‘’. In this feed, you will not find coverage on the game itself, but rather the advertising that surrounds it.

Marketing Land also incorporated some Super Bowl advertising coverage onto their site with their ‘#Hashtag Bowl’. This page will offer a live hashtag scoreboard during the game in order to illustrate which social media channels are being used by the ads to drive engagement. The page description goes as far as to call the Super Bowl ‘America’s premier marketing event’.

During 2011’s game, Audi released the first TV commercial to ever feature a hashtag during the Super Bowl. The following year 10% of Super Bowl ads included a hashtag.

Last year, Twitter reported that out of the 52 national ads that ran during the game, 50% included hashtags. The report also claims that ad-related hashtag use increased by a staggering 273% from 2012!

As you probably guessed, even more brands will be taking advantage of Super Bowl advertising this year. They will each be on their tips of their toes looking to have their successful ‘Oreo in the Dark’ moment.

Here’s a Peek Into Some of the Campaigns being Pre-Launched for Super Bowl XLVIII …

Junk food almost sells itself on Super Bowl Sunday.


While a few will be heading to their favorite sports bars, 9 out of 10 Super Bowl viewers will be watching the game from their home, or the home of a friend. That opens a huge window for food brands to advertise their game day deals.

Pre-launching Super Bowl campaigns is essential for food marketers. They have to get in front of the people making the game day party plans, and stay on the minds of the last minute planners.

Doritos – ‘Crash the Super Bowl’

For the second year in a row, Doritos pre-launched their Super Bowl campaign by transforming their entire website into a place where fans could submit self-made 30-second Dorito commercials. The campaign, “Crash the Super Bowl”, accepted submissions throughout the month of January and will now move on to allowing fans to vote for their favorite commercial. The top two ads will be played on game-day.

Here is one of the banner ads that was placed on to promote the contest…

Pizza Hut— #GoForGreatness

Pizza is a popular choice on Super Bowl Sunday. The rate of pizza deliveries increases by 35% on this day alone. With so much competition between pizza chains, it is vital for brands like Pizza Hut to build large-scale game day campaigns to stay on top of hungry minds.

In an attempt to make their ad go viral, Pizza Hut only began working on their Super Bowl commercial on January 30th (That’s right, yesterday) giving themselves a mere 72 hours until game time to prep their ad.

Here is one of the banner ads Pizza Hut placed on inviting people to pre-order their pizza for game time…

Pizza Hut Super Bowl Ad

With all the junk food being consumed on this day, it is no wonder 7-11 reports that their antacid sales increase by 20% the day following the Super Bowl.

Have you seen any awesome game day promotions this year? Please share in the comments!


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