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Posted by Admin on October 11, 2013
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Pay Per Call

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Pay Per Call has been around for awhile but it’s only recently catching on as advertisers take the leap to investing more in mobile marketing.  If you are wondering how it’s promoted, here is a good overview by Ring Partner of the types of promotions being utilized to drive calls.

In a nutshell, pay per call works best if you have a service-based business such as legal or home renovations or high ticket items like automobiles.  The advertiser works with affiliate marketers and lead generation partners that are responsible for setting up the campaign and screens inbound calls for potential customers.  The calls are recorded and tracked with a unique trackable phone number.   You can gather such intel as where they are calling from, the duration, source and relevancy (ie. are they asking for a quote? etc.).  Advertiser only pays the affiliates for valid calls that meets a certain criteria (typically based on minimum call duration like 90 seconds).

Did you know that call conversions from a mobile device are 57% compared to 7% from a desktop?  Check out this mobile pay per call growth and opportunity infographic

Pay Per Call
So what are the pros/cons of Pay Per Call?

The upside of it is that consumers WILL call you.  For example, home renovations are one of those things were you need to talk to someone before making a purchase or you need to get a quote .  It works so great for affiliate marketing because it can be done offline.  There is no longer a need for affiliate links or landing pages (but you do have to make sure your website is mobile optimized).  You can take your advertising offline by promoting the phone number on direct mail, radio and billboards.  The customer acquisition process is much easier and convenient.  Adwords lets you quickly and easily setup a pay per call campaign.

The downside are calls are evaluated for quality so if majority of your calls are not relevant, say the caller doesn’t exactly want landscaping services but just wants to know where they can purchase oak trees in their area, then your commissions will be reversed.  Secondly, it’s not always “on” like online advertising.  A call center may only be open during business hours so you risk missing calls.  It can also get expensive.  Lead Gen companies typically charge $10-150 depending on biz model, competitiveness, country, market, etc. so you’ll need a high margin business to make it worth your while.


Pay Per Call Is The Future Of Mobile Advertising

The 2 main things to consider when planning your Pay Per Call strategy is 1) what do you value a mobile lead so you can issue the appropriate payout and are you willing to pay for repeat calls? 2) what will you determine as acceptable call quality and duration?

Pay per call is finally gaining the attention it deserves.  This infograph highlights that the share of media at 35.1% has surpassed Internet Paid Search at 11.4% in 2011 vs. 2012 and it’s not surprising that local leads the way over national ad campaigns.

The beauty of it all is that unlike desktops, mobile devices are both research and communication tools so with one click, you can connect directly with prospective customers and reap the benefit of getting real time feedback, deeper insights on purchase decisions and starting an immediate conversation that will hopefully translate into a conversion.




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