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Posted by Jordan Matheson on July 31, 2017
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WhatRunsWhere has a ton of data. Sometimes this makes finding Affiliate Ads difficult. Introducing our newest feature that makes your job easier, “Only Show Affiliate Ads”.

Now you can identify top performing Affiliate Ads in WRW easily with this filter.

only show affiliate ads

All it takes is one click. Simply click on “Only Show Affiliate Ads” to enable our affiliate ad filter. Ads are sorted based upon Score by default.

On any entity profile (Advertiser, Site, Network, Category, Top Ads and Keyword Search), select the filter at the top “Only Show Affiliate Ads”

Now, you will see only ads we have tagged as coming from affiliates.


look at all these affiliate ads

But what does the filter really mean?

Only Show Affiliate Ads = Only affiliate ads
Show All Ads = Branded + affiliate ads (our entire database of ads)

Want to see branded ads? Switch the filter back to “Show All Ads”. Yes, it’s really that easy.

Brand based versus Performance (Affiliate) based Ads
What makes a successful brand ad versus performance ad?
For a brand, view = success
For performance, action = success

Brand based ads are trying to engage with a user to build a connection. For a branded ad if the user views or engages with the ad it is successful.

Performance marketers track every aspect of their campaigns, aiming to deliver actual purchase, leads or other results.

We’ll go through the different entity profiles you can view and how this filter makes it easier to get the data that you need quickly.

Top Ads – Identify top offers and affiliate ads. Change the filters to see different top ads based upon ad type, country, time frame or ad size. What’s hot changes constantly. There are always the staples like Nutra, but what’s working today isn’t promised to work tomorrow. This feature will ensure you never miss out on the hottest offers of the day, week or month.  The end result, making you more money, period.  

top ads


Keyword Search – Identify top affiliate ads for a specific keyword. Type in anything you want – diet, skin, <insert keyword related to offers you are running here>

keyword search

Category Profile – Identify top affiliate ads from one of our 33 categories. The full list of categories we cover here. HINT: we have a Performance Advertising category.

Identify top advertisers (affiliates) in each of our categories, top traffic sources and creatives. The example below is for Fitness & Weightloss Category

fitness & weightloss

fitness & weightloss

Login or Signup to WhatRunsWhere to see full lists of top Affiliates and traffic sources being used by affiliates in the 33 categories we cover.

Site Profile – Identify top affiliates (advertisers table) that are running on specific sites. Understand what networks they are using and see top performing creatives being used. Hone in on who is doing direct buys or buying a lot of inventory on popular sites quickly and easily.

aol site profile

Network Profile – Identify top affiliates (advertisers) that are running on specific ad networks. View top creatives and top traffic sources that are being used by affiliates on that ad network. This is extremely useful if you only like to run on a few ad networks, if you are running Native only, or Adult only. You likely have networks that you like to use. Focus on those networks and see the top people competing with you, figure out what they’re doing and break down their campaigns step by step.

revcontent network profile

Login or Signup to WhatRunsWhere to see full lists of top Affiliates and traffic sources being used by affiliates in the 700+ networks we cover. It’s that simple.

Check out full lists of all the networks you can search on WhatRunsWhere.
Desktop Networks (400+ Networks)
Native Networks (25+ Networks)
Mobile Networks (390+ Networks)

Advertiser Profile – check to see if the advertiser is an affiliate, or not. See their top traffic sources, creatives and landing pages.

advertiser profile

Now you have everything you need to use WhatRunsWhere to find all of the affiliate ads you want to look at.

*We do not suggest stealing other people’s campaigns. You can do that, but then you’ll just be like everyone else. Why not identify different key elements of the campaign and use those in your own campaign? You’ll create a unique campaign that will last longer. 

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