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Posted by Jordan Matheson on April 24, 2017
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We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our newest feature, the Advertiser Comparison. You can compare Advertiser Profiles within WhatRunsWhere using our brand new Advertiser Comparison feature, allowing you to stack up to four unique advertisers against each other. This is a highly anticipated feature and we are thrilled to announce it is live in WhatRunsWhere now.

Why do you need this feature? Simple, it will make your life easier. The Advertiser Comparison allows you to compare your competitors against each other or benchmark yourself against competitors. You can quickly identify common elements from multiple campaigns in one view. It also helps you to identify opportunities. Easily see what your competitors share in common and what is unique for each of them. Are you missing out on a key placement or ad format? Discover hidden gems that your competitors are doing that no one else is.

With the Advertiser Comparison you can compare Ad Types, Countries, Traffic Sources and Networks used by up to four Advertisers. Let’s go through each of the panels below.


Ad Types Breakdown shows a stacked bar chart so that you can visualize relative frequency for each ad type, compared to each advertiser. Desktop includes any banner or text ads shown on Desktop. Mobile includes any banner or text ads shown on Mobile. Native includes any native ads seen.

Ad Type
Nordstrom has the highest Share of Voice, Macy’s comes in a close second. Both Nordstrom and Macy’s are using Desktop, Mobile and Native in their strategy while Saks Fifth Avenue and Lord & Taylor are only focused on Desktop and Mobile. Saks Fifth Avenue and Lord and Taylor also show significantly lower Share of Voice.

Country Breakdown identifies which markets your competitors are running traffic in.

Netflix and Hulu are running 90%+ of their traffic in the United States. Whereas Amazon Prime Video is running 78% in Brazil and 2% in the United States. Amazon clearly see’s a larger opportunity in Brazil in acquiring customers for their streaming service.

Traffic Sources shows which sites are being used by all advertisers, some advertisers or only one advertiser, allowing you to spot common and unique placements. We also show scoring to show relative volume on each site, by each advertiser so you can identify big opportunities.


Note: click image if too small, will open in new tab

Ad Strength Rank of how frequently the compared advertisers appeared on the site, in total. It’s a cumulative score and ranking of the scores below each advertiser’s name for each site. In the example above ranks the highest with a rank of ‘1’ because cumulatively, from the three advertisers, that is where WRW has seen the highest volume of ads served. This will allow you to see which sites are important for you to be advertising on to get the high impact you want and need in your own campaigns.

The scores below each advertiser’s name, for each site, goes from 0.1 to 100.00, with 100.00 being the highest score. This scoring directly impacts the Ad Strength Rank. This shows how frequently that specific advertiser appeared on the site, relative to the other sites for all advertisers compared. In the example above we can see the site that got an Ad Strength Rank 1 has high scores from both Toyota and Subaru.

Network Breakdown quickly identifies and compares which Networks are being used by different Advertisers. We show percentages based on relative volume so that you can see which networks are being used the most by each Advertiser.


Geico, All State, and Progressive all have 40%+ of their traffic running Direct on sites while Statefarm is running 23% of MediaMath and 18% Rubicon Project. This surfaces an interesting observation around how these brands are buying as well as new networks to potentially buy traffic from if one of them wanted to expand.

We’re super excited to see how our clients make use of this feature. We know that it will help you build, manage and execute your campaigns and sales efforts more efficiently. 

Do you have any features you want or need WhatRunsWhere to include? Let us know in the comments below or reach out to our support team, 

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