MUNDO Media Meetup: Barcelona Recap

Posted by WhatRunsWhere on June 3, 2013
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We would like to give a big thanks to Mundo Media for hosting an awesome meetup that brought together top affiliates from around the world, new emerging technologies like ZeroPark and YTZ and industry leaders, Millennial Media and DoubleClick.  Our VP of Business Development, David Kelly traveled across the Atlantic last week to spread the good word about WhatRunsWhere.

Mundo Meetup Barcelona

So what went down?

New friends were made, partnerships were born and many fiestas were had!  These smaller, more intimate meetups seem to be an exciting new trend for the performance marketing space, allowing time for great conversations and creative juices to flow.  We got a chance to talk to and get to know a lot more people than we would at some of the larger conferences.


Mundo Media Meetup

The Key Takeaways:

WhatRunsWhere participated in the Technology and Tools panel alongside some really cool and emerging technology companies.  All six panelists concurred the most important place for performance marketers to take advantage of is Mobile Marketing. Whether it be sweepstakes or casual dating, the big win for affiliates seem to be coming from those who leverage the mobile space. It’s great to know that WhatRunsWhere is keeping everyone at the forefront of this with our Mobile Web and In-app Competitive Intelligence Tool.


The second takeaway is the importance of data. Performance Marketing has changed, and marketers need all the data they can get to stay competitive and ahead of the game.

Mundo Media Meetup Barcelona


Work Hard, Play Hard!

It wasn’t all just business as David did get a chance to roam around Barcelona and shared a few photos with us.

Thanks again to Mundo Media for hosting and their continued partnership with us. We would also like to give a shout out to everyone at the event for being so positive and responsive to our technology! WhatRunsWhere is growing up fast and it’s all thanks to our partners and friends!  We’re looking forward to seeing everyone at Affiliate Summit East.




Topics: Big Data, Mobile, Competitive Intelligence


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