Meet The Team: Tom Hogans, VP Engineering

Posted by WhatRunsWhere on March 5, 2015
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Let’s talk about the backbone of WhatRunsWhere – our development team. Our team of developers ensure the WhatRunsWhere platform provides the competitive intelligence our users need to make smarter online advertising decisions.

Spread remotely across North America, this caffeine-powered team is brought together by Tom Hogans, our VP Engineering. Tom’s responsibilities range from preempting and resolving problems before they arise, building new product features,  managing our expansive database and uniting our remote developer team.

Read on to learn more about what keeps our VP Engineering successful in the fast-paced world of Ad Tech and Development…

1. How did you get your start in the online advertising industry?

I’ve worked at a couple startups in the online advertising industry, ranging from ad networks to affiliate marketing shops and freelance projects.

2. Tell us about what you do at WhatRunsWhere

I manage the day-to-day technical aspects of WhatRunsWhere. I work with our Product and Data teams to arrange priorities, get everyone what they need, and write as much code as time allows.

3. Name one of your greatest accomplishments (so far)

My main responsibility is building the tech team here, and I’m most proud of the culture and incredible talent we’ve been able to find and keep. We’ve been lucky enough to attract some really smart people and watching them work is a rewarding experience in and of itself. When our engineers are happy, I’m happy.

4. What is some advice you would give anyone who wants to work in tech and online advertising?

Master something. It doesn’t matter how niche or weird it is, someone will probably need to pay for your expertise at some point. Having a diverse set of experiences is great and will always come in handy, but the real value is in being the “go to” guy for something.

5. If you weren’t VP Engineering you would be a full-time ___________?

If I won the lottery, I’d probably still be doing something related to computer science (or possibly electrical engineering). I can’t help it.

6. What do you enjoy most about working at WhatRunsWhere?

I really enjoy the way we’ve developed a remote work culture here. There are a lot of inefficiencies in office work that are masked by being able to tap someone on the shoulder. Because we’re a 100% remote tech team, we’ve run into these problems earlier and had to solve them. No one has figured out remote work completely, but I’d like to think we’re ahead of the curve.

7. Offline, what are some of your favourite things to do?

Long walks on the beach. If I lived near a beach.

8. Name 3 things you can’t live without

(a) Wikipedia, (b) Vim, (c) ipython


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