Meet The Media Buyer: Jivan Manhas

Posted by Admin on October 18, 2013
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Jivan was one of the first people I met in the industry back in 2007.  He founded Mediatrust where he wore more hats than he can remember: from Head of Sales, Head of Product and President.  He led the company to being one of the fastest growing performance-marketing firms in North America.  Jivan left Mediatrust in May of 2010 after the merger with Bardon Advisors.  We have remained good friends throughout the years and he continues to impress me with his expansive knowledge and new ventures.  Currently  Jivan is working on a new start-up that he believes will be more popular than mullets and the leg warmer craze of the 1980’s!

1) You were there from the beginning and know the mobile advertising industry from its infancy – when feature phones and ring tones were popular.  What’s the best way to approach smart phone advertising in 2013?

Smart phone advertising is not much different from feature phone advertising these days since the line between those two types of phones has blurred quite a bit recently.  With smart phone advertising you can build landing pages using java or html 5 but I prefer to use basic html since it loads faster and you can still get your messaging across to the viewer which to me is the most important part of mobile marketing.

You can also be creative with smart phones by building your own apps that help to promote your product or service. For affiliate marketers this could mean apps that aggregate dating information, info on free apps in a particular niche, free ebooks on Amazon and so on.  It’s all about being creative and picking a particular niche that you like and then turning that into revenues and profits.


2) With variables such as carrier type, wifi vs cellular data, different devices and operating systems, how do you optimize a typical mobile campaign?

If you have big budgets, say $10k or more, you spend a few thousand dollars to essentially get data.  From that data you will begin to see patterns, such as which carriers and handset combinations are profitable and you can use that data to begin new campaigns focused just on the profitable data combinations.  You keep the initial campaign running to continue to gather data but you also continuously setup new campaigns as you find profitable data combinations.

For smaller budgets, depending on the country you are running in, find the top carrier and the dominant mobile brand and start there.  Set your budgets small, say $25/day and start optimizing in real time to maximize your budget. What I mean by real time optimization is start excluding handsets that spend a certain percentage of your campaign CPA without any conversions. Depending on your comfort level, you can eliminate a handset after a 50% spend but some do prefer a 100% spend before they eliminate an unprofitable handset.

3) Do you need a landing page for mobile campaigns?

For most mobile campaigns you definitely need a landing page. The one potential exception is when you are pushing apps from the App store or Google Play, although I have seen some pretty creative affiliates that have created great landing pages promoting offers such as Candy Crush as well as a slew of others on one lander, maximizing their ROI.

Landing pages are great for pre-selling the user and explaining to them in very simple terms/steps on what they need to do in order to sign up for the campaign you are promoting. Landing pages are usually needed for most pin submit and dating offers.


4) Where do you recommend finding campaigns for mobile? 

I definitely limit the number of affiliate networks I work with because there are very few people in this industry I trust and want to work with.

Here are some of the ones I trust:

Revived Media – Ryan and Ruck are probably the best people to work with whether you are a seasoned marketer or a newbie. They not only tell you the top offers to promote but they’ll give you very insightful tips on how to get started saving you a lot of money.  Their sister company and online forum  is one of the best I’ve seen in terms of community based learning when it comes to online marketing.

F5 Media – Steven Mitzmacher and Jaimmie Riley are two of the best AMs in the business. Very helpful and always accessible, they will let you know what to run and what to stay away from but are always helpful in getting you profitable as quickly as possible.

Mundo Media – These guys are veterans of the industry and have been around for quite some time.  They have a ton of great offers and are very helpful in getting you up and running and helping you scale.


5) What free and/or paid resources and tools are critical for staying profitable? 

It goes without saying that I use WhatRunsWhere and have been since the service started.  WRW is invaluable for me for a number of reasons, I find new and profitable traffic sources that I had not heard of before, ideas on creatives and landing pages that I can create as well as finding offers running is certain markets that I may be looking to expand into.

I also use iMobiTrax for tracking and subscribe to the  IMGrind forums.  BannerSnack is a great place to create banners if you’re not very design centric or are not very good at using Photoshop.


Connect with Jivan on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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