Meet The Media Buyer: Corey Pollack

Posted by Admin on September 2, 2013
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Next up in our Meet The Media Buyer series, we talk to Corey Pollack, the Founder and President of Wave Digital Media.  Wave buys display, video and mobile advertisements online more efficiently than the competition by tapping into multiple industry leading Real-time bidding (RTB) platforms.

1) Advertisers want to increasingly hit the right consumer with the right message at the right time.  How does Wave stay competitive and do this better?

We refer to that [right consumer with the right message at the right time] as the Holy Grail in the digital ad space. Wave leverages multiple demand-side platforms (DSPs) with competitive media buying intelligence to provide a powerful mix for advertisers and agencies to achieve the Holy Grail through display, video, and mobile RTB technology.

Using our approach, we are able to target on a very personal and granular level at the absolute cheapest cost. By layering behavior, contextual, geographic, and demographic filters with machine-learning technology and human optimization, we have been able to demonstrate superior results when compared to traditional media buying. At Wave, we don’t buy impressions – we buy audiences.

2) Please share some essential tips for media buyers looking to get profitable with mobile. Is there a method to the madness?

With more mobile publishers making quality inventory available, market access for advertisers readily available, and transparency improving, many clients request that mobile be part of their multi-channel targeting strategy. Consequently, we have seen much greater proportions of ad spend being allocated to mobile RTB campaigns.

There is no perfect blend of mobile in campaign execution. However, we have found that mobile RTB campaigns generate solid results when they overlap with online display and/or video RTB campaigns. Mobile RTB works well to compliment other components of a targeting strategy as long as each channel is continually optimized and performance metrics are used as drivers for channel decisions.

3) Can you talk about the latest opportunities for Video RTB – is it more than just YouTube now?

For marketers we are seeing many key improvements: transparency, efficiency, control, improved performance and enhanced targeting.

For brands we are seeing the ability to create a deeper impact. When interviewing younger consumers, the message remembrance from online video is much higher than on TV. We will soon see a large shift in TV budgets moving to use video RTB.

Recently, we have seen a surge in the quality and quantity of video inventory, especially here in Canada. With higher quality inventory, combined with improved transparency, we are also seeing much more trust in the video RTB process.

4) RTB & Fraud – how are you preventing it and what can media buyers do about it?

Fraud is and will always be an inherent part of the RTB ecosystem and cannot be eliminated, however, its effects can be mitigated. At Wave, we employ machine filters that are constantly monitoring campaigns for irregular traffic patterns but also human filters trained to catch anything the machine misses.

We have found another great way to minimize the impact of fraud: full disclosure to clients. Rather than trying to avoid the metaphorical elephant in the room, we like to address it with our clients and incorporate it as a fixed element in campaign planning.

5) How do you use WRW and what are your favorite tools?  Can you give us examples of how competitive intelligence helped inspire or save you money on a campaign?

WRW is absolutely essential in the process of planning, setting up and carrying out RTB campaigns for clients. WRW also helps prove our concept, especially when we can show where and how our client’s competitors are advertising.  We have a secret weapon with WRW that has given us a strategic advantage in the RTB space.

The feature we like best is the ability to determine what channel a media buy is being executed; whether it’s Google Adwords, RTB, or a direct buy through the publisher. This helps us a great deal when researching larger companies on WRW and can quickly ascertain if they are using RTB technology for their media buys.

Connect with Corey on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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