Meet The Media Buyers: Joe Burton, Network Director of WAMCPC!

Posted by Admin on April 4, 2013
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JoeBurtonNext up in our “Meet The Media Buyer” series is Joe Burton, Network Director of WAMCPC!.  This is our flagship column where we interview successful advertisers and savvy media buyers.

I got the chance to talk to Joe about the first 8 years of his career at Pulse360, all the changes he’s seen in the industry, how they impact the way he does business and where he is now.

1) Let’s start from the beginning.  Tell us about how you went from Pulse360 to teaming up with WAM.

I started as a Sales Support Rep at Pulse360 and eventually became the Director of Sales.  I was very instrumental in the planning and launch of many of the successful products and innovations that made Pulse one of the top ad networks in the country during its peak.  Despite all the success Pulse was having I still felt there was a better way to run an ad network.   I took all the knowledge and advertiser feedback that I received over those 8 years and joined up with the WAM team with the mission to build the most advertiser friendly ad network in the business.

The Co-Founders of WAM, Brian Hastreiter and Nick King and I have a great relationship.  We all shared a similar vision for where things in our industry are going in the future.  We got together and discussed our goals and decided to set out on a pace to build WAMCPC.   Between all of us we had lots of experience in both the buying and selling sides of the industry and felt together we could build a business plan that would rival any other ad network in this space.

2) With hundreds of ad networks all vying for business from advertisers and publishers, how is WAM able to thrive and stand out?

We have been on all sides of this industry and just understand it.  I feel we put advertiser needs ahead of anything else (even our own) because they are the life blood of any network.  Every partner we work with is of the highest quality and we monitor conversion rates per partner in a way that no other network does.  We won’t sign a partner if it’s not good for our advertisers and will sacrifice margin for quality. Our back end technology is truly amazing as well and to be honest, we are just getting started.  There is a steady release of new products and innovations over the next 6-9 months that are going to make us the envy of a lot of our peers.

3) What changes have you seen the most that’s impacting the media buying marketplace?

The push (or lack thereof) of networks to enforce advertising guidelines that are compliant with FTC regulations has really changed the landscape.  For the safety of our advertisers, publishers and WAM in general we have strived to be the most compliant ad network in our space.    We feel it creates longevity for us and our advertisers and insures that we create an environment where advertisers are not forced to go outside of their comfort zones just to be competitive and get traffic.

To put it simply, even if an advertiser has to pay 30% less per click on our network but runs a page that we all feel comfortable with, I will take that over running something that is against our guidelines and charging a higher CPC.  I am flat out AMAZED at some of the approved pages I see running on other sources.

4) As a self-serve ad platform, how important is platform transparency?

It’s extremely important. Advertisers need to be able to make adjustments and optimize their campaigns efficiently.  Our system is very unique in that we offer Run of Network as well as transparent site bidding.

A lot of our best partners we keep under the RON topic in an effort to keep them confidential and our bids low. The exciting thing is that we allow you to see stats from every sub id that is sending you traffic and make unique adjustments to them based on your goals and objectives .  This is the best of both worlds because we keep our best partners exclusive and priced right and you’re still able to optimize every single site you run on!!

5) What media buying tactics consistently do well on your ad network?

Split testing and optimizing is key.  A real selling point for WAM is that we don’t really have a minimum bid.  That means that as high as your CTR goes is as low as your bid can go.  I have had advertisers in our best placements only paying .12 per click!!!

I highly recommend that advertisers split test various stacked ads and full IAB banners until they get the right combo that works best.  Your efforts will definitely pay off because due to our back end technology we are able to serve ads for far lower CPC’s than any of our competitors.  Most of our biggest spenders are paying less than .50 per click!!

6) What types of campaigns are performing the best this year?

The health and beauty space remains strong for us.  We also do great in the lead gen and also the financial space.  Really any campaign with a quick call to action can be a good fit.

7) What are your thoughts on competitive intelligence tools?  Have you used any yourself?

Definitely.  Max and Mike have a great product and gives any savvy media buyer the tools they need to be successful.  We have used it to research new partners to approach as well as new creatives to recommend to our advertisers.

Check out WAMCPC! if you are looking to join an extensive network of top publishers.  Sign up here and get the special promo –  10% bonus on first deposits (up to $1,000), when you enter in the code “WhatRunsWhere”.  Also don’t forget to follow them on Facebook and connect with Joe on LinkedIn.


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