Meet the Media Buyers: Igor Belogolovsky and Josh Krafchin

Posted by WhatRunsWhere on December 2, 2015
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In this installment of Meet the Media Buyers, we talked to the founders of Clever Zebo, Igor Belogolovsky and Josh Krafchin. Clever Zebo is made up of online marketing strategy experts that focus on perfecting conversion paths with A/B testing and optimizing advertising efforts as a result. You can think of them as an exceptionally awesome extension to your marketing team that is sure to bring positive results to your campaigns.

We were thrilled to interview the founders of Clever Zebo, in order to bring you exclusive advice from their experience as digital marketers. Both Josh and Igor are extremely passionate about driving business and website growth through optimization, with a particular interest in A/B testing and conversion rates.

Today, we’re sharing exclusive insights from these media buying experts including what has brought them success in the industry, the latest trends they’ve noticed and why digital marketers should capitalize on them now.

Read on to hear from these experts!

Can you start by telling us about your background and where you were before Clever Zebo?

We first met at the search technology company eSearchVision. Igor had spent time in the Display world, Josh on affiliate and email, but this experience taught us how the agency business functions (and is dysfunctional). Igor went on to run marketing for Rocket Lawyer where Josh joined him briefly while starting Clever Zebo.

Can you explain the premise behind Clever Zebo and how you help other digital marketers improve their online strategies?

We’re a conversion optimization shop who focuses in particular on making paid advertising perform awesomely and perfecting the conversion funnel through A/B testing.

Great! So how do you identify the best channels for your clients to advertise on? What are factors that indicate success in a channel?

A strong channel choice is driven by the target demographic, business economics and volume needs. We believe strongly in testing extensively both within networks and across networks.


What are some major trends in digital marketing that brands should be capitalizing on?

Pinterest and Instagram ads. The rush is on, but it’s still early days. Custom audiences, where ad networks let you upload a list of email addresses and connect you to similar people (Google has finally gotten in that game).

instaImage source: Jibe Media

Video has already emerged, but getting it right is enormous, both in your ads and on your landing pages. One great video can change everything — just look at Dollar Shave Club.

What about trends that are specific to B2B companies?

B2B companies used to be able to get away with ugly, unfriendly websites and landing pages. Those days are over. We’ve reached a tipping point where even the most obscure, technical and complex products targeted at niche buyers are represented by beautiful websites and landing pages. You need an awesome face for your B2B product and company.


What has brought you success as digital marketing professionals?

Our success has always come from being relentless testers and optimizers who would rather be wrong than be held back by fear and learn nothing.


You specialize in testing and optimizing, what are three tips you can offer to someone who is new to A/B testing?

  • Spend some time reading A/B testing case studies online, including the comments and discussion.
  • Take an A/B tester to lunch and ask lots of questions.
  • Start testing.


From your experience with split testing what would you say are 4 components of a high converting ad?

  • Solves a problem your target audience is struggling with
  • Looks great, well-written and is on-brand
  • Makes it easy and desirable to click
  • Is honest, helpful and informative

You take on the role of a marketing team for several clients, is competitive intelligence consistently part of your strategy towards optimizing their campaigns?

Of course. It has to be. We want to understand what competitors are doing that is working and WHY. Can we make that strategy work? If not, why?

That being said, copying only gets you so far. It’s more important to understand the spirit of what a competitor is succeeding with and then apply those learnings to your brand, value proposition, and unique conversion process.


Thanks again to Igor and Josh from Clever Zebo for sharing these valuable insights with us. This was just a taste of what these digital marketing experts have to offer. To get more insights,  Josh and Igor are offering a complimentary phone consult to WhatRunsWhere users. We’re always eager to help our clients achieve optimal results in their online marketing strategies and this is an incredible way to do so. 


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