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Posted by WhatRunsWhere on April 22, 2014
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Lorne is an avid online marketing professional currently living in beautiful Toronto, Canada.  He has worked for over a decade in the digital marketing space helping businesses succeed online.  I recently got a chance to talk to him about his agency, trends in media buying and performance marketing.

1) As a full service online marketing agency, what type of Advertiser/Merchant makes an ideal client?

The ideal client for us is someone that understands the online marketing space and knows that they need to have an active presence to compete in the modern era.  We come across clients all too often that are “stuck in the past” with old marketing methodologies that were once relevant, but just aren’t as effective anymore.  These are typically older generational business owners who are afraid of change and will typically tackle their marketing strategy similar in fashion to beating a dead horse.  I don’t think there is anything wrong in print, radio, and other older methods of advertising, but I think business owners need to appreciate the times we are in and the simple fact that anyone with a smart phone is a potential consumer.


2) You recently did a post on your blog about internet marketing trends for 2014 (which I recommend you all read)… What is the biggest opportunity for media buyers right now?

As the internet marketing world evolves and more and more people head to retailers to buy newer and better smartphones, tablets and laptops, we see a growth pattern emerge for mobile markets.  While there are opportunities far and wide across a vast array of niches and specialties, I think the biggest opportunity for media buyers specifically right now is in simplified mobile offers that don’t cause the end-user too much distraction.  An example would be a pin submit, a simple email opt-in, or a one-click app install.  For specifics I recommend you check out this blog post by fellow marketer extraordinaire Charles Ngo. The bottom line is that
the less intrusive the better.  People don’t have time anymore for long form fields and if you take up too much of their time you will lose them.  Another area that has worked well for us on the consumer side has been mobile tap-to-call campaigns, where customers get directly connected with businesses via a one-touch tap on their smartphone – couldn’t be much easier could it?


3) Why is mobile optimization so important for Advertisers and how should it factor into their cross platform media buying strategy?

As the digital landscape grows businesses need to measure and quantify their leads to better understand where they are being acquired from.  With more and more people preferring mobile devices these days it only makes sense for advertisers to have a mobile-optimized offering in place.  This started back in 2013 when the big push for websites was “responsive” and if you didn’t have a responsive mobile-optimized website you were leaving money on the table.  Advertisers need to know their target audience first and foremost to understand if mobile is something they are passionate about, and then armed with that data they can better market to those specific segments.


4) What advice do you have for media buyers to grow their business in a dynamic industry of trends, regulation and technology?

The best advice for media buyers right now is to know their business.  Whatever products, services, or offers you are pushing, you need to know the industry inside and out or you are just wasting time and resources that could be better spent elsewhere.  As technology advances, so does the market methodologies behind it, and if you are not moving with the times you are going to get crushed by the next competitor who is up to date.  Stay up to date on your industry with authority blogs, forums, and conferences to ensure you aren’t missing out on game-changers in your space.


5) What are your thoughts on using tools to get an edge over the competition?

Having active insights on your competition is vital in any industry and online marketing is no different.  There are various tools such as WRW that help marketers gain valuable data and metrics on what and where your competitors are advertising. It basically allows you to see all your competitors creatives and split tests in order to leverage that data for your own campaigns, something that is irrevocably valuable.


Academic Ads provides expertise, energy and experience, helping our clients exceed their marketing goals using sound strategy and solid execution. Internet marketing is both an art and a science, and success requires knowledge of multiple disciplines – marketing, advertising, technology, psychology, economics, and more. We thrive on the challenge of integrating these disciplines into impactful projects that produce business results for our clients.

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