Meet The Media Buyer: Ben Plomion

Posted by Admin on July 15, 2013
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BenPlomionBen is VP of Marketing at Chango, where he heads up marketing and is also responsible for expanding the company’s data and media partnerships. Prior to joining Chango, Ben worked with GE Capital for four years to establish and lead the digital media practice. This led to the development of GE Capital’s digital value proposition and its execution worldwide. The new venture re-energized paid, owned and earned media across 70+ web sites. Ben graduated from GE’s Experienced Commercial Leadership program after completing his MBA at McGill University. Before GE, Ben held a variety of Marketing & Business Development roles in the e-payments industry, while working at Gemalto in London. Ben writes frequently for Digiday, and Search Engine Watch.

1) What should media buyers be screening for when choosing a retargeting company to work with? And why should they “tango with Chango”?

Chango takes a unique approach to retargeting tactics which has a trove of proprietary data sources. For example, Search Retargeting is display advertising that talks directly to people who have already expressed an interest in your product or service based on what they searched for on Google, Yahoo! or Bing. Programmatic Site Retargeting, brings a fresh approach to site retargeting. Most programs have the dubious reputation of being catch-all marketing solutions that produce, at best, uncertain results. Instead of just bucketing individuals into a number of pre-defined segments, serving ads to users who will never convert, and burning cash on wasted impressions, Chango offers powerful insights and convincing results. Search Retargeting and Programmatic Site Retargeting are getting complex which is why we offer:
  • Fully-managed solutions (clients services and most importantly optimization managers). Campaigns don’t run by themselves.
  • Transparency and performance.
  • Access to search data and ability to make sense of 1st party data from the client.

2) When Facebook Exchange (FBX) launched last summer, it was touted as “the next big thing since search for advertisers”.  A year later, how massive is the retargeting opportunity on FBX?

FBX is an incredibly effective channel to reach more than 1 billion users in an effective way. CPMs are low and marketers are finding that performance is equal, if not superior to other ad exchanges.

We recently released our bi-annual retargeting barometer and have found that more than half of marketers surveyed plan to increase FBX budgets. In fact, 60% said they would increase their retargeting budgets on FBX in the next six months, compared with 38% who said they would stay the same and 2% who would decrease budgets. With the recent ability to target users in their News Feed, there’s no better time to experiment with FBX.

3) As retargeting continues to evolve, what industry trend are you most excited about?

Definitely excited about the idea of bringing search intent data to FBX and other ad exchanges. Soon we’ll see other social media channels such as Twitter do something similar.  More marketers and agencies will demand more transparency from vendors, CPMs will increase gradually, and so will the demand for video pre-roll inventory.
Retargeting will have its own budget within most marketers, along with SEM and site-buy display.

4) How is the surge in growth of smartphone/tablet traffic affecting retargeting strategies for marketers and agencies?

Mobile is fascinating but remains a challenge for retargeting companies. Cookie sync is tough to do in a mobile environment and true RTB enabled mobile inventory isn’t widely available right now.

5) Do you think competitive intelligence tools like WRW can compliment a retargeting campaign to lift ROI?

Absolutely. Retargeting is getting more competitive and complex. Media buyers need to make full use of competitive intelligence tools to make smart decisions. There’s so much retargeting vendors can do. Knowing what competitors buy and where, can only help.

For more information, visit Chango. You can also connect with Ben on Twitter and LinkedIn.


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