Meet the Media Buyer: Alex Omelianovych

Posted by WhatRunsWhere on November 10, 2015
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In our latest installment of Meet the Media Buyer, we had the chance to talk to Alex Omelianovych, COO of AdsBridge, to get his perspective on finding success in the affiliate world. 

Omelianovych founded AdsBridge in 2012, a platform used by affiliates to effectively track campaigns and design optimized landing pages, after coming to the conclusion that affiliates were missing an important tool in their stack that was necessary to build successful campaigns.

We’re eager to hear about Omelianovych’s experience in the affiliate marketing industry, learn about current trends he deems as profitable opportunities and find out what it takes to build an optimized affiliate campaign.

Read on for our exclusive interview!

1)      Can you briefly introduce yourself, how you got to where you are now? How did you find success in the affiliate industry?

Until 2010 I worked in various areas of the offline business (from the stock market to the nuclear power industry).  While working for a major advertiser, I came up with the idea to create my own tracker. I felt the solutions available on the market at that time had a poor functionality that did not fully meet the needs of serious affiliates. I managed to find investors who believed in this concept—the one that is successfully implemented now. Today, I focus 100% of my time as COO at AdsBridge development and enhancement. I also have other ideas that I hope to implement in the near future.

2)      What’s a current digital marketing trend that you think affiliates need to adopt in their strategies?

In my opinion, the major affiliate marketing trend right now has to do with the wide usage of mobile and tablet devices. That is to say, users are now more willing to make purchases from their mobile devices. This means that advertisers need to take extra efforts to create offers that attract mobile users, and are of course relevant and mobile optimized.


Another important trend is the creation of high-quality content. High-quality content is equally important for search engine ranking and for building trust with users. For instance, if an affiliate marketer works with native advertising, high-quality content is an essential part of the strategy as it gives users a reason why they need to visit the site and click on the links or ads provided.

I think it’s vital to keep track of all the market trends in the affiliate marketing world in order to keep your strategy fresh and optimized. If your competitor is profiting off a trend, why shouldn’t you?

3)      Is there a strong affiliate niche that you would consider to be high revenue generators?

 Well, dating has always been one of the top revenue generating niches but recently mobile content and mobile apps are gaining popularity in the industry.


4)      What advice would you offer to affiliates just entering the industry? What’s essential for a successful strategy?

One of the most important things that an affiliate should do is choose a tracker.  Of course I’m biased for recommending AdsBridge, but regardless it’s a critical part of affiliate success.

Affiliates also need to decide on the vertical, type of traffic and GEO that will be their starting point. I would not recommend to try and cover everything at once, because there is a risk of spending an entire budget before actually understanding what went wrong.

Do your research! Affiliates can find tons of valuable advice on forums like StackThatMoney, AffPlayBook and more. I also recommend following the blogs of super-affiliates like Charles Ngo and ImAtilla.

Finally, I think communication plays a leading roles in business success. Do not hesitate to ask questions, share information and case studies.  You will definitely get feedback.

5)      AdsBridge, can you tell us more about the platform?

AdsBridge is a cloud-hosted tracker, traffic distribution system and landing page builder—all built into one platform. It empowers affiliates, advertisers and agencies to track and analyze digital marketing ROI from the first click, to conversion, and everything in between the customer journey.

With the help of this technology, marketers can easily create landing pages, measure campaign effectiveness and split test at a moment’s notice.

6)      What are Traffic Distribution Systems and why are they important to affiliates?

A TDS (Traffic Distribution System) is one of the basic functionalities of any online marketing platform and is essential for better traffic tracking. However, they are only one component of a modern tracker.

The more advantages affiliates have for traffic analysis and distribution, the higher the chances are to earn more profit.

7)      How can affiliates combine the resources on AdsBridge with competitive intelligence data to really optimize their campaigns?

Trackers and competitive intelligence solutions are designed to simplify the lives of affiliate marketers and increase their chances of success. Moreover, they save time and money while making profits.

The daily routine of affiliates involves all kinds of testing for elements like traffic sources, creative ideas, landing pages, offers, etc. It is important to follow the latest marketing trends, and know everything about your competitors in order to draw fresh ideas.

Competitive intelligence tools like WhatRunsWhere meet all of these requirements—it saves endless time on research, allows you to stay on top of winning strategies and inspires new ideas for campaigns. By combining competitive intelligence data with tracking software, affiliates can quickly implement new ideas and strategies; which is essential in the rapidly changing market conditions.

Thus, with the right use of appropriate tools, it is possible to achieve synergy and build optimized and profitable campaigns.

8)      And how about a piece of advice for affiliates who are currently running campaigns but need some tips to revitalize their strategy?

Performance marketing is a sphere of business that is rapidly developing and does not stay still. A number of affiliates grow daily and therefore, the competition increases. It is a lot harder to find sources of super profit today, particularly the ones that experienced players could once boast about.

So, my advice would be that when you think you’ve found your unique niche, it’s not time to sit back and relax because tomorrow your competitors will be doing the same.

Nowadays, if you want to be successful, you must be nimble, crafty and find your competitive edge. A good place to start is with a great tracker and access to competitive intelligence data. Make the most of them and then test, test, and test!


A huge thanks to Alex for sharing his insights with us! It was great to learn about top affiliate niches, current trends in the market and his advice on how to win in the affiliate space. If you’re interested in AdsBridge, click here to find out more and get an exclusive offer.


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