Meet The Team: Danielle Forget, Marketing Coordinator

Posted by WhatRunsWhere on June 30, 2014
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Here at WhatRunsWhere we have a truly passionate marketing team.  They juggle blogging, paid search, sponsorships, are always testing and optimizing, and of course, they are whizzes at social media.

1. First things first, tell us a bit about what you do at WRW?

My job is to help to spread the good word about WhatRunsWhere (in many, many ways). Whether I’m blogging, managing our social presence, helping with the affiliate program or uncovering new ways to reach customers – my focus is always on presenting how awesome WRW is!

2. What is your favourite part about working here?

To be completely honest, my favourite part is representing a great product. It may sound a tad corny – however, anyone in marketing or sales can tell you how much more enjoyable it is to represent a product you actually believe in.

3. When you’re not in the office, what are some of your favourite things to do?

Besides my severe addiction to Netflix – I absolutely love going for walks with my two dogs and my wonderful boyfriend, Nick.

4. Name a couple things that top your bucket list?

  •  Writing a novel
  • Visiting every single WW2 monument
  • Finding the best falafel in the world

 5. Who is your mentor and why?

So far in our “Meet The Team” blog series, everyone has named one of their parents as their mentor. I don’t plan on breaking that trend. Both my dad and my mom are my mentors.

My dad is the voice in my head, always pushing me to be the honest, kind, and hard working. My mom is the voice that tells me never to settle for anything less than I deserve.

6. What’s your best advice for those looking to pursue a successful career in marketing?

  • Invest in yourself – educate yourself as much as you can and continue to grow.
  • Start a blog, a website, ANYTHING – everyone has to start somewhere. Put your name on something and make it your own.
  • Don’t use hashtags on LinkedIn (more a pet peeve than a tip).

 7. If you weren’t a Marketing Coordinator, you would be a full-time ______________________.

Soap opera superstar.


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