Media Buying Calculator: How Profitable Are Your Campaigns?

Posted by WhatRunsWhere on April 4, 2014
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media buying calculator

Are your media buys pulling in a positive ROI, or wasting valuable dollars? With so many factors at play, it can be hard to tell.

Introducing our Media Buying Calculator — Now you can easily project the value of a campaign and predict your return on investment.

This tool will prove helpful when both pre-planning a campaign and calculating the outcome of a campaign. You can calculate how small changes to the various factors of your campaigns will change your desired results, allowing you to know exactly the targets you need to aim for when running your campaign.

Simply enter a few given values from your campaign and our media buying calculator will do the rest!


First time calculating the ROI behind a campaign? Here is a rundown on the values that you need to calculate for your media buys…

Media Buying Values

Campaign Duration (Measured in Days) — In this field you will enter how many days you plan to run the campaign for.

Daily Impressions — What is the estimated number of daily impressions that you plan on purchasing for this campaign?

Average CPM ($) — Here you will enter the cost you are paying for every thousand impressions (CPM).

Average CTR (%) — This performance indicator is vital. What is the average click-through rate you are receiving for these impressions?

When using this calculator to pre-plan media buys, be sure to enter a realistic percentage keeping in mind the average click through rate for display ads falls around 0.1%.

If your campaigns normally pull in a higher CTR rate, use that value but be careful not to enter a value that is unrealistically high.

Landing Page CTR — Do your display ads click through to a landing page? If so, enter the CTR of the landing page here.  This value is key for indicating the performance of your landing pages.

Average Conversion Rate (%) — What’s the average number of click-throughs you plan on converting?  This value can be pulled from previous campaigns or from your affiliate manager by asking what their average affiliate conversion rate is.

You can also use this value as an indicator to see how many conversions you should be striving for with your campaign.

Conversion Value—How much do you earn per a conversion? (Your Affiliate Payout)

Campaign Results

Revenue—How much your media buys earn per day.

Spend—How much you spent on your campaigns per day.

Profit—How much your campaign earned per day.


For more Online Marketing definitions visit our Glossary.



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