5 Questions To Ask Before Making The Mobile Jump

Posted by WhatRunsWhere on September 8, 2014
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If all your friends jumped off a bridge, would you do it too? We’ve all heard the question before and the same logic applies now – but with Mobile Marketing.

Everyone who hasn’t been living under a digital rock knows how big of a deal Mobile Marketing is in 2014.  We no longer live in a PC-dominated world, with mobile phones outranking computers in a 5:1 ratio (prompting a 92% increase in Global Mobile Advertising revenue).

So… is your business doomed to failure if you haven’t made the shift? Maybe. But it’s not too late. Analyze your brand as it stands now and ask yourself these 5 questions before making the Mobile jump.

1. Where’s My Target?

There’s no sense in adopting something new if it won’t help you reach the right people. Determine if your target market are heavy app users, which sites do they frequent, if they tend to visit your site to gather information or likely to make a purchase.

2. Are My Website + Landing Pages Responsive?

One of the most common reasons people leave a site is a lack of responsiveness. So make sure you optimize your page for all screen types and test them in different operating systems. Even if you get lots of clicks on your ad, drop off rates will be high if you leave a user pinching and dragging to magnify text.

See how top web-performer Zazzle made the shift with ads and corresponding landing pages that are well optimized for mobile.

Mobile (Tablet) Ad


Mobile (Tablet) Landing Page – relevant “Shopping Page” from website

Responsive Mobile Website

3. How Has My Desktop Strategy Been Performing?

Even though you shouldn’t just mirror your desktop strategy to mobile, it’s still beneficial to examine how it has been performing and integrate elements that work (or leave out what doesn’t work).

For example, while it’s easy to give information on a desktop, typing on a smartphone is much more laborious (plus easier to make mistakes on the go). So if you require a user to sign-in or fill out a form, keep it short and simple. As well, consider offering QR codes that can be scanned so consumers can be taken directly to your mobile site.

4. Are My Competitors Jumping To Mobile?

Have your competitors made the switch? If your answer is yes, take a look at what their strategies are. What types of creative and copy are they using on their banners, are they offering promotions, how are they engaging with their target market, etc.?

Hotel competitors Hilton + Marriot battle it out with strong mobile campaigns. But, in this example, Hilton does a better job of enticing travelers to book with them by offering a discount, strong call-to-action and driving to a targeted landing page.

Mobile Ad

Mobile Ad

5. How Can I Capitalize On Mobile Features?

Mobile technology comes with a lot of new tools for advertisers. These tools feature abilities like geo-targeting and PUSH notifications. Can your target audience make use of and appreciate them? Using these tools together can lead to some very powerful campaigns.

Check out what this top advertiser in the food industry did to take advantage of geo-targeting in: Shifting Screens: Dunkin’ Donuts.

Keep Questioning Yourself

Never stop going through this process of asking yourself these 5 questions in order to keep your strategy current and innovative. What works great today may not work at all even a couple weeks from now. So, always keep your eye on new trends and technologies.


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