Major Mistakes To Avoid With Your Mobile Strategy

Posted by WhatRunsWhere on April 14, 2014
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major mistakes mobile marketing

With people spending more and more time on their mobile devices, it has become imperative to have an effective mobile strategy.


And to add to the pressure, mobile users are particularly picky.  If your mobile site isn’t working correctly, it is reported that an astounding 46% will NEVER return to your site again. Yikes.

1. Creating a mobile-only focus

While it may seem like everyone is plugged into their smartphones and tablets these days, don’t let your marketing strategy revolve entirely around mobile advertising.  There are still many consumers who begin a task such as research on mobile but end up making a purchase on their desktops.

The key is to adapt to both your mobile and desktop consumers by having a multiple-channel strategy in place.  They should be able to engage with your brand and have the same seamless experience regardless of which device they are using.

2. Recycling your desktop strategy

Many brand advertisers that didn’t initially jump on the mobile bandwagon are now buckling and following suit. Mobile ad revenue is expected to grow by 75% in 2014.

While it certainly is vital that brand advertisers adopt a mobile strategy, don’t just shrink the web version of your site into a mobile format.

It’s important to remember that mobile traffic behaves much differently than desktop traffic. When someone visits your site from their desktop, they have a larger screen and it is much easier to find what you are looking for. Therefore, you can give all kinds of information.

Whereas on a small mobile screen, real estate is precious so focus on presenting key information (store locator, click-to-call, promos) in an easily accessible manner.


3. Segregating your mobile strategy

When you see an article with the title “Mobile is Dead” you cannot help but to click and read. Especially when pretty much every other report you read boasts the ever-increasing stats of thriving mobile industry.

However this clever title tricked me and lead me to an article not about how mobile marketing is dead, but rather about how the term ‘mobile marketing’ itself is becoming irrelevant.

It suggested we should look at mobile less like its own channel, and more as just another means of accessing the same information.

While some people may only use their desktop or mobile devices, others may use a combination of devices.  This is why it is important to have a multi-channel strategy that keeps everything consistent.

Attention spans these days are short. It is reported that 90% of consumers will start a task on one device and then finish it on another.

If I start the task on my desktop and then push over to my tablet later on to finish off, will I be able to quickly pick up from where I left off?  Be sure to keep your multiple channels reflective of each other.

Getting your mobile strategy in line may take some time and work but following these tips will help you steer clear of some major mistakes. Notice any other mobile no-nos that advertisers are making? Be sure to share them in the comments!




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