Link Building And SEM In The Penguin Era

Posted by WhatRunsWhere on July 9, 2013
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In the past few years, Google has shown a rather interesting pattern – one that involves damaging websites that build themselves on the wrong SEO and SEM tactics. The other incredibly popular pattern is their particular affinity for black and white animals. After its first algorithm update, back in 2011, Google Panda was joined by the Penguin. And with either development, the result was rather clear – the Internet noticed a certain ranking shake-down. Internet marketers that focused on gray/black-hat tactics had the most to lose, and the rest simply suffered due to their low quality content.

Nowadays, we’re witnessing a second update to the Google Penguin algorithm so what does that mean in terms of Link Building and SEM?

First off, Penguin is Panda’s more aggressive brother. Consider someone that is detail-oriented that can smash most ratings to the ground. But what are Internet marketers to do in this new era? Well, the focus has been shifted to non-static content.  One of the best ways to create a non-static environment is to add a blog to your site.  Posting at least once a week will create that fresh content click.

So what should you write about? You cannot expect bad content to work out, after all, with the Penguin and Panda you’ll see failure sooner than you think. Neither will hyperlinked content. This is where SEM becomes relevant – starting a larger, broader search engine marketing strategy – one that preferably does not focus solely on keywords will work. The first rule of the thumb will be to only post quality content or things you would want to read about.  The second is taking care of the linking procedure – a certain diversity between links is desired. Backlinking to your own website that go on forever will end up doing more damage than good.

So lets recap how you can avoid being bashed by current and even future algorithm changes:

1) Ditch the black hat – opting for black hat tactics hasn’t helped anyone in the long run. If they’re still working now, you’ll notice that with one update, your ranking will be torn to pieces. You should even consider staying away from grey hats.

2) Offer quality and related content – when blogging, make sure the themes and content are in tune with the product/service you are selling.  Also make sure to provide tips, recommendations, opinions and actionable items your readers will find useful and engaging.  Fluff has never been all that interesting.

3) Link building – forget all you know about poor-quality link building and focus on properly inserting links in your articles, without over-saturating your content. The other mandatory task is to focus on a method that will help create quality links with websites that can boost your rankings.


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