Introducing our Ad Insights & Analysis Reports

Posted by WhatRunsWhere on March 20, 2014
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Introducing our Insights & Analysis Reports. Using real-time data from our platform, we will be taking an in-depth look into how various industries are approaching online advertising.

These reports were created to compare and contrast top advertising strategies for both display and mobile and to provide insights on what your competitors are doing.  We looked at the most successful ads in your vertical, valuable traffic sources, and various factors that drive success to your campaigns.

The first two reports released are focused on the American and Canadian Banking Advertising Landscape.  It highlights…

  • Who the top advertisers are in these industries
  • Advertising data that is driving success to these high level advertisers
  • Real-time snapshots of what these successful campaigns consists of



AmericanBanking_February2014                     CanadianBanking_March2014
Our self-serve platform has a vast amount of data, collected from both the traditional desktop web and the mobile environment. We collect and analyze this data to help people understand the impact and scope of advertising online. With just a simple search you can uncover data from the top advertisers from your industry.

Whether you are an advertiser, media buyer, affiliate marketer or someone simply looking for interesting data on online media buying, we’re sure you will benefit from these reports.

Feel free to distribute to your company for internal referencing or share our findings in presentations and articles. We simply ask that your source WhatRunsWhere.

To access our Canadian Banking Advertising Landscape Report, click here.




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