Forex Companies Compete to be the Loudest Advertiser

Posted by Suzanne Kammer on February 2, 2016
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According to the Bank for International Settlements, there’s an average of $5.3 trillion traded in the Foreign Exchange (forex) market per day. That’s $1.3 trillion more than 3 years prior in 2010. In the US, there are 11.63 million people who are using online trading platforms to take advantage of this rapidly growing industry. Online trading brokers battle it out to be named the trading platform of choice among online traders.


As one of the largest markets in the world with a predominantly online audience, online trading platforms need to develop strong display ad strategies to make sure they’re occupying the space where their audience spends most of their time.  An oversaturated marketplace, large monopolies, and a global audience are just a few of the challenges that advertisers in the foreign exchange industry face. So what tactics are online trading companies taking adva.ntage of when developing their online display strategy?

We went behind the scenes to uncover the display ad strategies of three popular online trading platforms: eToro, iFOREX and Plus500. We drilled down to the exact creatives, publishers and media buying strategies used by these advertisers to reveal exactly what they’re doing to stand out from the competition and position themselves as the leading online trading broker in the industry.

One of these advertisers dominated the digital advertising landscape with a 62% share of voice. Who was it? How did they do it?




Download our full report here to find out now.

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