5 Ways To Increase Success After Your First Affiliate Campaign

Posted by WhatRunsWhere on November 4, 2014
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You’ve broken into the Affiliate pool and have forged some valuable relationships with advertisers in your niche. Your website’s SEO has been maintaining a good standing, and your affiliate links have been clicked. Your work is done!

…Just kidding.

Yes, success in affiliate marketing is extremely gratifying, but try to avoid getting stuck in a plateau.

Constantly re-evaluating and improving on your efforts will ensure the advertiser gets increased conversions… and you get increased commissions. Win win?

Here are 5 Ways To Increase Success After Your First Affiliate Campaign…

1. Re-Focusing Your Target

When you started your affiliate marketing, you likely picked advertisers with services and products that co-aligned with your own site’s niche. This was the right step to take, but upon some analyzing you may want to take more factors into consideration.

What other facets of the industry would be relevant to your viewers that you can capitalize on?

If you are in dieting and have only been marketing weight loss services, think of something else your viewers would value. Possibly an online retailer who sells clothes they can buy after their diet? Or even athletic equipment for those who want to carry their fitness forward. Don’t just market that which is the same as your focus, market that which is complementary.

2. Customizing your Conversions Process

Affiliate marketing may seem to some as easy as adding a link and people will click it. But we know better than that. Even if you get many clicks on your affiliate links, they still may not lead to conversions.

To increase your conversion rate, think about the process the customer goes through after the click and lead them every step of the way.

It’s likely that they trust your word if they’re a regular visitor of your site or blog. So why not attach your name to the next step in the process? This can be as easy as coordinating a customized landing page with the advertising who you’re working with.

3. Continue to Use and Research the Product You’re Marketing

Even if you’ve been affiliated with a specific product for a good amount of time, it’s always smart to use it again, or to research it more on a regular basis. There could be changes to it that your viewers would be interested in that you should be able to inform them of.

It’s important that viewers trust your knowledge and opinions as an affiliate, and that includes being completely informed of what you’re promoting.

4. Explain the product to the viewer (Don’t sell it)

People are used to being sold to. If they know you’re going directly for the conversion they’ll likely put a proverbial wall up and block out your information. Instead, try and just inform them of the benefits of the product and how it relates to them.

There are many effective ways to do this. Some to keep in mind are:

  • Running a webinar with the advertiser
  • Writing about it on a blog
  • Using effective copy to explain it in your ads and landing pages

5. Focus on your own site as much as your links

It’s easy to get caught up in just optimizing your links and affiliate content – but make sure you take the time to focus on your own site too. Keep striving to improve your SEO and site quality, because it’s hard to thrive as an affiliate without a quality site acting as your basis.

Affiliate marketing can be a daunting industry, with so many competitors and variables to keep in mind. So, congratulations to those who have found success! Remember, though, in order to become a main contender in this industry – re-evaluation and optimization are key!


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