How to refresh your ad campaigns

Posted by WhatRunsWhere on March 25, 2021

Small businesses don't have teams of people reviewing and reassessing their ad campaigns’ latest performance metrics. However, small companies are refocusing their efforts on targeted advertising opportunities. One study showed that small businesses plan to increase spending on social media and online ads for better targeting and conversion rates.

Increasing targeted ads isn't the only way to boost marketing efficiency. Your company can make previous ads work hard. Ad-refreshing is a cost-effective approach to utilizing existing content and marketing materials for an even greater impact. Follow these steps to get more mileage out of your marketing efforts!

1. Refresh Your Images 

A photo could be worth 1,000,000 clicks, and most businesses will take that over 1,000 words. Images play a massive role in millennial's online engagement. Ads with images also prove to be more persuasive in having people click-through and leave social media pages. 

Change your image. A lot of effort goes into choosing just the right visual elements, so it can be hard to find something as good as your original ad. 

However, you can recreate the ad twice with different graphic elements and then run A/B tests to identify the most compelling creatives. Even Facebook encourages their advertisers to change images to improve or revitalize ad results. 

Subtle differences can have a big impact. The top ad has over 470,000 impressions in just a few days while the bottom has about 9,000 in the same time span. 

2. Explore New Channels 

Each new platform and app brings back the wild-west approach to marketing. In 2018, Chipotle, Guess, and the NBA were the first to break into TikTok marketing. Some of them crushed it immediately, and those who didn't still gained valuable exposure. 

As markets change and develop, your audience could shift from one platform to another. Remember 2018 when millennials nearly abandoned Facebook for Instagram and Snapchat. Facebook lost about 2.2 million millennials and 1.4 users from younger age groups. Snapchat and Instagram weren't "new." Both platforms were available for years before this massive shift. 

Identify where your target audience is, and spread your reach to find the most effective channels. Expanding into new channels allows your business to simply run old ads. Then monitor their performance against the past impact on other platforms. 

3. Reuse, Renew, Re-Draft 

Reusing creative elements can feel a bit like cheating on a test. However, this is an effective method to roll out the familiar alongside new copy. 

Here are a few ideas for reusing and renewing content with complete transparency:

  • Schedule content "throwback" days. Use those days to focus on updating old ads and acknowledge them as recycled. 
  • Snag bits of creative copy from your internal and external information material. Webinars, training videos, or social media videos are great resources for valuable creative visuals. 
  • Place new quotes or promotion information against old ad copy creative elements. 


4. Keep Your Ad-Placement Fresh 

Click-through-rates vary by platform, but the average CTR is 2%. One of the biggest stumbling blocks is reliable ad placement. Viewers and readers know when ads come up and just tune them out. Look no further than banner ads.

Social media users can easily spot an ad, YouTube viewers skip through them, and ads on a webpage fade into the background. 

Change up the placement to keep your ad fresh. Consider opting for a mid-roll ad or focusing on social media advertising through promoted posts rather than ad slots. 

5. Update Infographics or Info-Driven Ad Copy 

Have you noticed that your infographics are especially powerful in ads? Custom visual content can have seven times the conversion rate of standard ads. They are difficult and time-consuming to create, but the payoff is worth it. What if you could reuse or refresh that custom visual content?

Use these steps to update or refresh your info-driven ad copy:

  • Use the same graphics but change up the fonts and color palette. 
  • Update the data. 
  • Post the infographics again through various social media platforms.

Why Update Old Ads?

You can get a lot more use from your ads with just a little sprucing up. Create advertisements that feel or seem new without investing substantial time or effort. 

Remember to:

  1. Refresh images on well-performing ads and run A/B testing to find the most compelling combination of image and text. 
  2. Explore new channels and platforms to keep up with your audience. 
  3. Renew and redraft content. A few tweaks or recycling different types of content is easy and effective. 
  4. Change up your ad placement, so your marketing efforts don't blur into the background. 
  5. Update info-driven copy such as infographics with new data. 

Recreate and recycle ad elements in various ways. It can help you make the most of your marketing budget and learn more about how your audience responds to your ad efforts.  


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