How Affiliate Networks Use Competitive Intelligence

Posted by WhatRunsWhere on July 5, 2013
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WRW Lunch n Learn

In our latest Lunch n Learn series, Moufid Al-Joundi, VP of Network Distribution at Mundo Media came in to talk about life at an affiliate network and how they use our tools and services to stay ahead of the game.  Here’s a recap:

What exactly does an Affiliate Manager do?

The role of an Affiliate Manager (AM) at a network is quite vast and involves recruiting and managing affiliates.  They ensure affiliates have all the assets they need to promote a particular advertiser/merchant and that they abide by the terms of the campaign. Think of them as the middle man or woman!

A good AM will work with an affiliate to promote the right offers (not just what makes him/her the most commission). The highest payout doesn’t necessarily keep a good affiliate around either but more importantly, they are looking to work with networks that pay on time, have reliable and timely support, are transparent and offer additional reward incentives that are unique.  Mundo has a Loyalty Program where publishers can earn points and trade them in for cool prizes like electronics and exotic vacations.

How do Affiliate Networks use WRW?

  • Discover which companies advertise on your competitors’ sites
  • Uncover how well you capture share of an advertiser’s campaign by publisher’s inventory breakdown
  • See which Ad Networks broker across different publishers
  • Identify demographic targeting as well as advertiser and agency contacts through data partnerships
  • Create customized reports and find trends


Mouf gives us the rundown on some of the popular and favourite features that AM’s use…

Forbes publisher

Filtering ads by publisher (above) or keyword (below) lets users easily access a set of niche data sorted by networks, countries, dates and/or relevance scores.

Dating Affilaite Marketing

Check for compliance to make sure the banner creative and text copy your publishers are promoting are consistent with an advertiser’s terms and conditions.

Adwords ads
No doubt, mobile is huge and our in-app intelligence comes in handy when you need to search ads within apps.  You can access real-time data from over 50,000 Android Apps across 60+ mobile networks in 9 countries.

Mobile inapp ads


Want to learn more?

MUNDO Media is a rapidly growing performance–based ad network that provides advertisers with direct response solutions and broad reach; and publishers with world class marketing expertise across all industries and verticals, proprietary technology to create ROI-driven solutions, and a dedicated team of managers.  For more information, click here.


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