Who Placed It Best? Hootsuite vs. Sprout Social

Posted by WhatRunsWhere on October 6, 2014
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Did you know that as of this year 74% of online adults now use social media? It has therefore, become one of the most important elements to factor in in any marketing strategy.

When it comes to social media management tools, Hootsuite and Sprout Social are two of the most popular.

Let’s take a look behind the scenes of their advertising strategies and see who placed it best…


Prevalence Score: 28,849

Top Ad:

Adstrength Score: 194,982

Top Traffic Source for this ad: marketingland.com (formally sphinn.com)

Landing Page for this ad:

hootsuite LP

Top Mobile ad:


Adstrength Score: 176 pts.

Top Mobile Traffic Source for this ad: northwestnissans.com (Almost 2 years!)

Sprout Social 

Prevalence Score: 49,840

Top Ad:


Adstrength Score: 391,912 (Running since September 2012!)

Top Traffic Source for this ad: searchenginejournal.com

Landing Page for this ad:

Sprout Social LP (Note this is their homepage and NOT a dedicated landing page!)

Top Mobile Ad:

Adstrength Score: 8 pts.

Top Mobile Traffic Source for this ad: truetwit.com

 The winner of this round: Sprout Social


While Hootsuite certainly made a quite the impression with their dedicated landing page attached to their top performing ad, there is no denying the power behind Sprout Social’s campaign. The top 5 traffic sources we tracked them on have been so successful that they’ve been occupying the space for over 3 years!

As well, while a dedicated landing page should certainly be a top priority, a well optimized homepage is equally important.  Sprout Social certainly has their online media buying in order.

That’s it for this month’s edition of ‘Who Placed It Best’. Do you have two advertisers you’d like to see go head to head? Send us a request in the comments or Tweet @WhatRunsWhere.


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