3 Holiday Examples For Engaging The Cross-Screen Shopper

Posted by WhatRunsWhere on December 4, 2014
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‘Tis the season! With the holidays just around the corner, consumers are heading out in masses to get all of their gift-shopping done. This is the biggest shopping season of the year, and is therefore crucial for advertisers to capitalize on.

Consumers now rely on all kinds of technology to get their shopping done – be it through desktop, mobile, or both. From purchasing small retail items on-the-go to conducting research for purchases to make later, both mobile and desktop technologies play key parts in the holiday shopping experience.  Due to this, advertisers need to ensure they connect with these consumers through holiday-themed mobile ads on both platforms.

Here we’ll take three industries that are huge this season – fashion, electronics, seasonal foods – and dive into some advertising holiday examples that are grabbing the attention of the busy cross-screen shopper…

Fashion with American Eagle

American Eagle, provider of warm sweaters and holiday gear, takes two main approaches to conquer other advertisers in their holiday banner creatives, across both mobile and desktop.

The first approach is a simple deal for this season. They promote their Buy One Get One 50% Off sale, which they further highlight to include options for “Great Gifts” – this is ideal for people looking to buy for themselves and for those on their gift list. In addition to the deal, American Eagle uses simple copy (including a pun!) to convey the holiday spirit.


 Desktop + Mobile

Their second approach, via desktop only, is more tailored to fans of the American Eagle brand, and its sister store Aerie. In the past year, American Eagle has decided to stop retouching pictures of models in their campaigns. In this set of holiday ads they’ve focused on this decision to not retouch (but done so in a festive way). As a result, they’ve managed to stay true to their brand, but also relevant for the needs of the season.

desktop-ae1 desktop-ae2

 Desktop Only

Electronics with Best Buy

With iPads and GoPro’s topping off many holiday wish-lists, it’s no wonder Best Buy puts out an aggressive holiday campaign each year.

Their mobile ads keep it straight to the point. Best Buy knows they’re a huge source of gifts, and they make a feature of it in these ads. With CTA’s suggesting to “Shop Gift Center”, and copy that states “The Best Gifts Come From Best Buy”, they’re successfully targeting the holiday shoppers out looking for the newest gadget for someone special.



Their desktop ads dive into the details of their holiday promotions a little more thoroughly. These ads specify certain products (ex. “The Hottest Phones”), as well as service based promotions like 90 days free Geek Squad Help, or Free Shipping. These last two promos are highly effective for the stressed out holiday shopper, since a large fear is either buying a gift that can’t be used, or paying a fortune on shipping that one key item.




 Specialty Drinks with Starbucks

What would a holiday list be without Starbucks?

People are eager to line up for their limited time Egg Nog Lattes, Peppermint Mochas, and the festive red cups they come in. Starbucks has managed to make the holiday season synonymous with their limited time drink menu – and unsurprisingly they make this the main component of their advertising for the season.

Across both desktop and mobile, Starbucks showcases their red cups and overflowing whipped cream topping. It’s an icon that is easily recognized this time of year. The copy boasts upbeat, festive lines like “Share Joy” and “Reunite for the Holidays”. Starbucks is able to successfully tap into the holiday season, and appeal to those needing a bit of a caffeine fix while out gift shopping.





 The holidays are just around the corner, and every day more people are signing on or rushing out to make those key purchases for their gift-lists. Whether it’s the newest tech gadget for that picky relative, or just some much-needed caffeine to keep a shopper going, people are looking to buy – and quick. Remember, if you’re able to engage with these consumers as an advertiser across all devices they may be using… then you’re going to have yourself a very happy holidays.


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