Googled Out, Now What? Advertising Beyond Adwords…

Posted by Admin on February 21, 2013
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Googled Out


When it comes to advertising online, are you part of the vast majority of small businesses only using Google AdWords?  Perhaps you are unsure of what else is out there?  You don’t have time to research or you are simply overwhelmed with all the options?  Well, when it comes to media buying there are really just two basic types:

1) Direct Buy  – which is buying ad space directly from a website.  For example, buying a banner from or a Blog.

Pros: You can directly tap into high volumes of traffic, cut out the middle person like an ad network, build relationships with direct websites for future buys and lock inventory to create barriers to entry for your competition.

Cons: It is very time consuming to research and find these sites, you will need to manage the relationship with each site, you will also need to pay a third party ad server (such as or to deliver these ads and scaling is a harder and more manual process overall.

2) Network or Agency Buy – buying ad space through a third  party network or agency such as Google Adwords, MSN Bing Ads, AOL Sponsored Listings, Pulse360, Tribal Fusion, Blue Lithium, Rubicon Project, 247 Real Media and many more.

Pros: It is fast to setup and you can test many sites, a rep will work with you to optimize your media buy and you can scale, swap out ads and content quickly.

Cons: There is more risk since it requires higher $ minimums to start buying, you are reliant on your rep doing a good job for you, there are varying levels of transparency and you don’t necessarily know where your ads are showing up.

Have we lost you yet?

Before you set your googly eyes on another expensive keyword, know that there are plenty of other options and is here to help you make sense of it all.  Our tools can quickly and easily extract relevant data from over 40 ad networks and thousands of sites (INCLUDING Google) so that you can expand your advertising reach and find new traffic sources to advertise on.

What if you are in a highly competitive niche?  We can spy on your competition by showing you what types of ads they are running, how long they’ve been running and where they are running.  Yes, that is lots of running but we promise you won’t break a sweat!

So no matter where you are at with your media buying, we are here to help you advertise smarter!  Check us out… our 7 day trial offer is only $1 and gets you access to our display features.

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