Who Placed It Best? eHarmony vs. Match

Posted by WhatRunsWhere on May 2, 2014
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It may be hard to believe but one third of couples married today met online!

With Internet dating being so successful, you better believe it has become a competitive industry especially since it brings in a reported $1.2 billion annually.

Currently there are over 2500 online dating sites!  That’s quite the amount of romantic destinations for people to meet ‘the one’.

So which are the two most popular?  eHarmony and Match. Based on the stats, Match is in the lead with about 21.5 million members and eHarmony trailing behind with approximately 15.5 million members.


Prevalence Score: 2619

Top Ad: eharmony top ad Adstrength Score: 8622 points

Top Traffic Source for this Ad: almost 500 days on www.sleeps.com

Landing Page:

eharmony landing page Top Mobile Ad: eharmony top mobile ad Adstrength Score: 16 points

Top Mobile Traffic Source for this Ad: crossmap.christianpost.com


Prevalence Score: 7280

Top Ad: match top ad Adstrength Score: 1 950 280

Top Traffic Source for this Ad: Over 460 days on www.christiandatingforfree.com

Landing Page: match landing page (Note: this was the generic landing page connected to this ad and despite results, this may not be the best example of a good lander.)

Top Mobile Ad: match top mobile ad Adstrength Score: 101 145

Top Mobile Traffic Source for this Ad: Magic Jewels (App)


Well, this round had a clear winner.  Match mopped the dating industry floor with eHarmony, in both sales and advertising.


Some takeaways from this case study:

  • Real life or familiar imagery may have a deeper impact in advertising than stock photos
  • Use blue link-like text in ads (many of their top display ads featured this)
  • Draw on photos for your call-to-action (many of their tops ads used this tactic as well)

That’s it for this addition of ‘Who Placed it Best’.

Remember if you have two contenders you’d like to see go head to head, be sure to mention in the comments or tweet us at @WhatRunsWhere.


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