How to Draft a Winning Fantasy Football Ad Strategy

Posted by WhatRunsWhere on October 30, 2015
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When it comes to fantasy football there is no doubt that a winning strategy requires a dedicated mind that leverages insights, does research and of course, learnings from the strategies of other fantasy football leaguers.

The same goes for building a winning display ad strategy in the fantasy football niche. Lucky for you, building a confident plan of action, requires going no further than our newest industry report on the fantasy football advertising landscape! With insights on three major players in the niche – DraftKings, FanDuel and NFL Fantasy – we put you in the ultimate draft pick position. So keep reading if you’re ready to set your winning fantasy football display ad lineup.

Fantasy football has exploded into a massive industry that generates $2-$5 billion annually and has around 56 million participants, a 39% increase from last year (Adgooroo). The substantial growth is attributed to leagues becoming more accessible on mobile devices and fantasy football related content becoming increasingly available across the sports media landscape (FSTA).

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Even compared to other fantasy sports, football has been the fastest growing in participants because of the compressed season; only 4 months compared to 6 months for MLB and 7 months for NHL (Forbes). The shorter season allows for a higher attention span amongst participants. Since results ride on the actual performance of NFL players, fantasy participates flock the digital space to get constant updates on player stats or discuss them via social media.

This fast, growing pastime is creating major opportunities for advertisers to get their brand message in front of these dedicated fantasy participants.  And their target market is becoming more diverse; although the demographic is largely male, around 25% of participants are females and this number continues to grow. So how can advertisers cash in the millions of fantasy footballers who are logging online to draft picks, set lineups, research stats and tweet about their recent wins (or losses)?

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Well, it might be worth taking a page from the playbooks of three leaders in the industry; DraftKings, FanDuel and NFL Fantasy. In August alone, DraftKings spent $8 million on display ads and FanDuel spent $400,000 (Adgooroo). Given that a large portion of fantasy football activities happens online, these advertisers are clearly capitalizing on a lucrative space.

Wondering what goes into their winning strategies? WhatRunsWhere went behind the scenes to uncover the display advertising strategies of DraftKings, FanDuel and NFL Fantasy. The results? Find out exactly what it takes to get a fantasy touchdown by downloading the report below. You’ll understand what it takes to build a winning strategy and can draft your campaigns with confidence.



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