4 Steps To Bouncing Back From A Digital Marketing Mishap

Posted by WhatRunsWhere on September 29, 2014
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You’re proud of your creative, you’re confident in your traffic sources, you just know your strategy is on point. Now you are ready for the leads to come pouring in!

But then… why aren’t they coming? You may have seen some leads trickle in, or had some consumer engagement, but your goals are just not being hit. Where did you go wrong?

There are many small mistakes that advertisers commonly make during campaign and strategy creation. Any of these mistakes can lead to underwhelming campaign results. It can be an easy answer  to scale way back after experiencing this, but that’s not the way to fix the problem.

So, how can you make a comeback and knock your next campaign out of the park? Here are 4 Steps to Bouncing Back after a Digital Marketing Mishap…

1. Re-Evaluate Your Timing

Keep in mind there is almost a season for everything so step back and determine if the timing of your campaign is one where your audience will likely be shopping for your product/service.

For example, weight Loss program Herbal Magic keeps their ads time-relevant. They introduce a Summer Slim-Down event during bikini season, and reference New Years resolutions during January and February – when most people are committed to making healthy changes.


2. Make Your Message Match Your Media

Is your site, landing page and ads all mobile-friendly? If you haven’t properly adapted your ad strategy to this new media, your message is going to get overlooked.

Take into account factors like length of ad copy, key messaging, and whether it’s a product/service that people research at home on desktop or on-the-go via mobile.

For Macy’s, they try to jam too much info into a small space and the “Shop Now” CTA button is hardly legible. Their second ad, however, is bold and to the point with a clean CTA. Remember less is more when it comes to mobile!


macys-content23. Gauge Whether You’re Being Too Aggressive

Do your ads and landing page claim to solve too many problems or make false promises?

Determine what makes your product/service stand out above your competition, why you are the better choice and emphasis benefits over features.  This way customers won’t get confused but will know exactly what it is you offer. If they want it, you’ll get your conversion.

Salesforce gets their point across effectively without promising too much or being overly pushy. They simply state that their cloud connects teams, converts leads, drives sales – and you can learn more by viewing their demo.


4. Test, Test, Test

It may not even take an entire strategy overhaul to come back with a great campaign. Often a few minor tweaks does the trick and will get those conversions rolling in.

Try split-testing different CTA’s, imagery, font size, promos, pricing… there are many options! Read our post on 5 Split Tests You Could Try Today to help you get started.

Harry’s evaluates the same concept across four ad variations. They test placement, color, logo, CTA, etc. Through this testing they’ll be able to determine which ad gets the most clicks and focus on promoting that one.

No matter how the results look after a campaign, remember there’s always room for improvement. One failed campaign could lead to lessons learned that result in the next one being your best yet! So before you call it quits, re-evaluate for future strategy by going through these steps.


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