RECAP: Everything Digital at Dx3 Canada

Posted by WhatRunsWhere on March 7, 2014
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Photo Courtesy of @CloudRaker

The team is back from an informative and fun-filled two days at Dx3 Canada, Toronto’s Digital Advertising trade show.

This was our first time attending Dx3 as an exhibitor.  Our Sales Team manned the booth while our Marketing and Customer Support Teams were out and about on the floor networking and collecting cool swag.

From all the awesome networking, to the informative sessions, to the ultra-innovative booths (shoutout to Art & Science!) we definitely learned a lot and had a blast.


  • Content is king but distribution is queen and she wears the pants!
  • An engagement economy includes being challenged, having emotional significance, mastering skills and community connection.
  • Be responsive to your users! Make your content mobile accessible.
  • Cross device usage is on the rise.  92% of 18-34 year olds used a connected device during the past week while watching TV while 47% reported accessing content related to the content on the TV at the time.
  • Personal experiences trumps impressions.
  • Pay attention people! Memory relies on engagement.
  • The goal of content for big brands such as Coca-Cola is to earn a disproportionate share of popular culture.
  • 4 out of 5 brands in every category are seen by consumers as homogenous and only 1 out of 10 adverts is seen as “unique”.
  • It’s time to stop thinking about social media and start thinking about media that is social.
  • 2014 is an experience economy.







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