Crushing The Pains Of Summer Campaigns

Posted by WhatRunsWhere on July 22, 2014
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SummerCampaignsSummer is a very special season. With all it’s beautiful weather, vacation time, and patio excursions it’s certainly a season that many of us look forward to.  But it does have one big downfall…it’s tough on many businesses.

With everyone out and about, there is a fair chance that buying your product is one of the last things on their mind. (Unless you have a great deal on patio sets, or pool chemicals.)

During this summer slow down, many advertisers make the mistake of sitting back and thinking there is little that they can do. While sales may be slower than usual, summer is great time for advertisers to step up their strategy.

In order to boost your summer time marketing, why not try… 

  • Ramping up your mobile campaigns—While many people won’t be caught dead sitting with their computer at the cottage, most will be holding their smartphones and tablets in hand. Leverage the increased use of mobile devices by having an effective mobile campaign.
  • Building a summer promotion—Whether you offer free summer shipping, or 10% off on days when the temperature is above 100 degrees, just be sure to give your customers a reason to buy now.
  • Try something new— Experiment with your marketing! Try contests and summer giveaways! Grow your email list, while still engaging all summer long.
  • Sponsoring a summer activity—Take advantage of your customers spending time outdoors with some good old fashion branding. Be sure to find events that are relevant to your brand or sponsor a picnic or little league sports team.
  • Get started on your fall marketing efforts— Gear up and pre-plan your fall marketing campaigns. Start building your ads and landing pages, so that when the time comes you’re ready to go!

To help give you some summer marketing inspiration, we looked at these top performing advertisers.

Find out how these brands are keeping the life in their summer campaigns… 

Aveeno – Pair it with Aveeno

Hot weather calls for a change in wardrobe. Out come the shorts and sandals.

Aveeno used this inevitable switch to their advantage with their ‘Pair it with Aveeno’ ads. By using the imagery of strappy sandals right next to a bottle of their popular lotion, it creates a connection in the viewers mind. It connects their product to summer. 


Bud Light Lime – #UpForWhatever

Beer sales certainly don’t decrease in the summer months. However with over 20,000 different kinds of beer to compete with, beer brands still have to scale up their summer advertising to become the cooler pick of choice. 

The folks over at Bud Light are veterans when it comes to making a good beer advertisement. It’s no surprise that they launched a killer summer campaign to engage beer drinkers.

Their summer contest invites people to send in a 10 second audition video proving that they’re ‘Up For Whatever’. These sorts of campaigns are great way to keep people talking about your brand. In the past 30 days the ‘up for whatever’ hashtag has already seen almost 5,000 mentions.

bud light lime

Travelocity – Spring Into Summer

With no polar vortexes around to scare us south, travel sites such as Travelocity likely see a major decline in bookings each summer.

To help encourage that ‘book now’ feel, Travelocity launched their ‘Spring into Summer’ ad campaign, which promoted big travel deals. They also had a promo that invited people to book before July 17th to get $150 off.


Keeping your sales team busy in the summer months can be a challenge. It’s up to the marketing team to find clever ways to stay engaged.

Be sure to use this time wisely so that you aren’t left over whelmed and scrambling for sales in your final quarter.



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