Excuse me, Where’s the Context? – Get the Most out of Context Marketing

Posted by WhatRunsWhere on November 7, 2013
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In a world where content is everywhere, context has become everything.

Marketers have been making the move from content to context marketing for quite some time. And with today’s technology evolving all the time, there are countless clever context pushing techniques that you simply must be using now!

What is ‘Context Marketing’?

Rather then aimlessly pushing any and all content to as many people as you can, context marketing cuts the fat. It is the practice of using what you know about your target customer to strengthen your marketing, so that you can deliver “the right content, to the right people, at the right time.”

When you begin to understand who your customer is, where they are, and what they do with their time, you can use this information to focus on getting your marketing efforts to them.

But I thought Content Marketing was King?

Content is King. However context is content’s better half.

More and more businesses are adopting content driven practices to develop and discover rich context with potential customers. As well, it helps to keep current customers engaged.  This is why most current online marketing strategies include a corporate blog and a social media strategy.

Blogging allows businesses to present information that highlights the importance of having their product or service audience see.

Beyond that, when properly optimized, having a blog can help your business to build a stronger search engine presence.  That way when people are hitting the search engines they are more likely to find you.

Social media, on the other hand, allows businesses to engage with their audience and keep their brands on top of their mind.

It is a great way to keep your preexisting customers informed about updates and new promotions. Also, it is a fantastic way to retain customers, or turn them into repeat customers.

Need more Context?

Of course you do! Blogging and Social Media are far from new and you’re business is already doing both. (Hint: If you aren’t, maybe you should be)


Here a few other tips on how you get Sherlock Holmes on your audience…

1.    List Segmentation via Email Marketing

What are your subscribers clicking on? When sending a confirmation email to your new subscribers, try including a list of different services/products your business offers. Take note as to what each subscriber is clicking on and use that information to segment your list for future marketing.

Or try mentioning a killer promotion you’re business is offering and reach out to those who clicked with a friendly sales call. (Second Hint: Don’t call to say, “Hey I saw you clicked our promotion…” Rather just treat that contact as a warm lead)

2.    Paid Advertising

Trying to maintain your search engine placement with SEO can be a lot of work. Have you tried combining your SEO strategy with a paid advertising campaign? This is one of the strongest ways to maximize your search engine presence.

Think like your customer and be sure to do your keyword research to see what people are actually searching—not just what you think they are searching.

3.    Utilize Upselling Techniques

Amazon paved the way for upselling customers online using the information they gained from what people were actually doing while shopping on their site, aka CONTEXT!

Here are a few of their most successful techniques that you can put into place with your email auto-responders and virtual shopping carts…

  • Send an email reminder to those who left the site with items left in the shopping cart
  • Under each product/service, display suggestions of products that other customers commonly purchased as well
  • Update emails for when new book or album becomes available from authors and artists we’ve previously purchased

Keep it all in Context

Put your marketing dollars to work, not to waste. Know your audience and find the best ways of getting in front of them. It’s the key to gaining more potential clients.

Content without context is like hearing the punch line without knowing the joke. It just doesn’t make sense.



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