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Posted by WhatRunsWhere on May 13, 2014
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In-app advertising is one of today’s biggest marketing buzzwords for obvious reasons.  In 2013, it was reported that people were spending about 80% of their smartphone usage within an app. That number has now grown to 86%.

Photo credit: Tech Wyse

Photo credit: Tech Wyse

While advertising within an app is still relatively new, many advertisers have begun exploring the opportunities it offers.  In-app advertising revenue is predicted to surpass PC online display by 2017!

New to in-app advertising? Check out 3 Cardinal Rules for In-App Advertising or try looking up a few of your competitors on our mobile intel platform and see what they’re testing.


Audible Top In-App Ad:

audible in app

Top App Traffic Source: WaytoSMS Free

Strategy:  this advertiser didn’t park all their campaigns on Google’s AdMob!  We tracked their ads coming from at least 13 different mobile ad networks. Top In-App Ad:

cupid in app

Top App Traffic Source: The Best YouTube

Strategy:  almost 90% of their mobile ads are being run through the ad network LeadBolt. They are also testing AppLovin and Google’s AdMob.

Candy Crush Top In-App Ad:

candy crush in app

Top In-App Traffic Source: Tea Shop

Strategy:  the majority of the top traffic sources are focused on in-app rather then mobile web. They also run most of their mobile ads through the ad network LeadBolt.

Marriott Top In-App Ad:

marriot in app

Top In-App Traffic Source:  4D Dance Music

Strategy:  almost all of their mobile ads are being placed with Google’s AdMob.  This advertiser is also testing the ad network Millennial Media.


While in-app advertising will require the proper testing that all campaigns need, it’s interesting to take a look into top performing campaigns to see what we can learn and takeaway from them.

All 4 of the advertisers mentioned are running their ads on several apps but I bet you haven’t heard of all their top app traffic sources.  That’s why it’s so valuable to be able to cut out the guesswork and simply look into what’s working for other advertisers.



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